Registered User
Description: a registered user
Extra privileges: can send PMs if postcount is 10 or greater
Notes: none

Member Title User (Member)
Description: someone that either by his own merit or automatic promotion has been gifted with the Member title
Extra privileges: can access the Member and special invite areas, including the mods available on the former. Can request access to the shoutbox.
Notes: you can apply for the Member title here. It's gained automatically if invited. It's the only one you can apply for.

Guest Coder (Guest Coder)
Description: someone who isn't putting their coding skills at SB-I's service directly, yet wishes to have them acknowledged
Extra privileges: +Member
Notes: if you comply with the requirements, just ask a staff member

Advanced User (Advanced User)
Description: someone whose contribution to the board has a cut above other users', something the staff wishes to acknowledge
Extra privileges: Member+full shoutbox access+access to the beta mods+additional styles+extra privacy features

Elite User (Elite)
Description: a long-standing, exceptionally contributing user
Extra privileges: Member+AdvancedUser+can access the Elite forums

Retired Staff (Retired Staff)
Description: A former staff member who unfortunately had to step down from his position
Extra privileges: Member+AdvancedUser+Elite

Description: site founders, names with a long past in the leecher scene
Extra privileges: Member+AdvancedUser+Elite+moderation privileges (some of them)

Coder (Coder)
Description: an individual with coding skills that actively participates in releasing and improving SB-I mods and tools
Extra privileges: Member+AdvancedUser+Elite+can access the coding forums

Moderator (Moderator)
Description: someone in charge of enforcing the forum rules
Extra privileges: Member+AdvancedUser+Elite+Coder+Moderation

Special classes

SB-Innovation Bot (Bot (Please don't reply))
Description: tells users what they did wrong, facilitates certain moderation tasks
Extra privileges: can't be added as friend
Note: you can't get this title

Banned (Banned, may not be visible)
Description: someone with a severe rule-violation record (spamming, having multiple accounts) the staff wishes to separate from the forum
Extra privileges: can't do anything
Notes: use this if you're banned and wish to plead your case. Bear in mind obvious, stupid excuses are only a waste of time for both parties.

Description: self-explanatory
Extra privileges: can't do anything that alters the database
Notes: register or log in

Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
Description: self-explanatory
Extra privileges: can't post nor PM
Notes: activate the account and get this over with. Please use the Contact Us form instead of creating a new one if you haven't received the e-mail.

Inactive Users
Description: self-explanatory
Extra privileges: can't do anything
Notes: normally gets reactivated upon logging in, but accounts that have been inactive for long periods of time may not qualify for automatic reactivation. In those cases, please request it through the contact form.