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Thread: RDP Seedbox using mRatio or RatioMaster Plus - Need Help

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    RDP Seedbox using mRatio or RatioMaster Plus - Need Help

    I need your help in setting up a RDP seedbox.

    The idea here is to run a RDP 24/7 and using tools such as mRatio, RatioMaster Plus and BiglyBT Mod etc with a rtorrent/rutorrent emulation.

    My current choice of tool is mRatio and I plan to use it to report my old seedbox ip/hostname to report to the tracker.

    I will download with my seedbox and then remove them and add it to mRatio on the RDP.

    How can I ensure that mRatio is reporting the same ip/port to the tracker as my seedbox?

    Also rerouting traffic from your seedbox help in anyway to achieve the above. (I did research on rerouting traffic but failed to understand what exactly this means. I plan to do more research soon).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Also if this thread is in the wrong section, I request moderators to place them in the right one.
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    This is a complex proposition, because...
    • RM+ deliberately doesn't support rTorrent, BBTEM cannot spoof it due to a mysterious bug that prevents the info_hash from being sent only for that client, and JOAL doesn't allow setting a custom port. This leaves mRatio as the only choice.
      • Fortunately, mRatio is more than good enough, and has no serious shortcomings as long as you use Fixer.
    • 99% of trackers completely ignore the "IP to report to the tracker" value. If you want them to see your seedbox's IP, you'll need to somehow route mRatio's traffic through it.
      • Setting up a proxy, SSH tunnel or VPN server on the box are the most popular choices, in ascending order of complexity. Feasibility depends on what the provider offers and which kind of access you have. In the first case, it would have to be a non-SOCKS proxy that can be configured as upstream for Fixer. You can and should use a torrent IP checker service (see https://wiki.btguard.com/index.php/CheckMyTorrentIP) to make sure you've done everything right.
    • You can make the listen port identical on both ends, but rTorrent uses individual and persistent peer_id and key values. Trackers may notice both change when you "restart" a torrent (i.e. remove from seedbox, add to mRatio).
      • There isn't a client that's commonly used in seedboxes and uses non-persistent values for both. Furthermore, mRatio only supports local uTorrent memory reading. While removing and readding would cause the aforementioned behavior legitimately, there is little reason to do that and your best bet is hoping they don't notice, perhaps waiting a day between restarts.

    These issues are workable, but you'll need to think how you're going to proceed first. Also, make sure to put your RDP server behind a VPN (or at the very least change its port) and read some Terminal Services hardening guides, or else botnets will find and try to hack you in minutes.
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