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Thread: eBay internation shipping scams

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    eBay internation shipping scams

    eBay has one of the most obnoxious shipping prices to Europe that I have ever seen. Up until now, i considered normal to be this high but this week I discovered the eBay International Shipping and eBay Global Shipping programs are scams. I don't know how they do it, but it is said that all of the tax duties are included, but are not, and the sellers have no idea of what sthe shipping tax is. I've just talked to an individual saying on his side the shipping costs 12$, and I see it as 36$. I already paid for this, and the seller said that on his side, he only sees 12$. And On top of that, I have an addition 10$ VAT.
    From my digging the international shipping programs differ from international shipping services. And I would like someone to confirm it. Reddit posts that depicts this behavior are shot down immediately. So eBay knows, the sellers are clueless, and fanboys remove the proof.
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    I still don't know how it works. I think it depends on a lot of the declared value. When I buy stuff on Ebay from Europe or US most of the time I have to pay extra to receive the package from any of the carriers UPS,FEDEX , DHL . This changes a lot when I buy stuff from Chinese Ebay sellers, they used to declare a lower value of the package and I don't have to pay any extra related with taxes and customs clearances.

    Maybe someone that knows international trading can give us more insight haha
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    Apparent the sellers pay a very hefty fee for selling on eBay. Some told me that from my total , he has to pay 21% to them in fees. Two separate taxes, one for items and one for the sale. So they charge a lot more for items because of eBay.

    I may have awoken very late but I just realized something: vintage on eBay are being sold at 10x what they are actually bought. Initially, i considered their origins came from their family, passed down, gathered in the attic. But no, actually, these clowns visit thrift stores, they buy these items for 5$-10$ tops, and sell them for 100$. Now.. I'm telling these imbeciles that their wares are not worth as much, but no.. And then when they can't move their stock, they come (pathetically) and offer discounted prices.

    It disgusts me that nowadays it seems to be every man for himself. As in, we're all fishing and trying to "catch" each other. In my country we have a saying: whenever something goes wrong, there is only person responsible. So eBay is using these seller-clowns as a revenue source, and the sellers are using international buyers to move their stock. If you're in the USA, you don't even need eBay. Have a million thrift stores, and get everything for free; don't even need money.
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    So the cost is always double for Europe. The seller charges domestic shipping (16$), and the buyer pays international shipping (16$), As previously written, the seller doesn't see the international cost, but only his domestic shipping cost. This is true only for ebay internal shipping program. Seller can offer what is called a direct international shipping, but refuse to do so.
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