Hello everyone,

we have allowed unregistered users to download mods and tools and post in their support threads since 2009. Recently, we decided to extend this ability in the interest of improving the experience for anyone who can't or doesn't want to use an account. The following changes have been made.
  • Guests are now able to post replies on all sections other than "BitTorrent Tracker Giveaways" (since private messaging is required to do or apply on giveaways).
  • Guests are now able to create threads on all sections other than "Mods & Tools" and "Information" (to ensure accountability for submissions).
  • Any such posts and threads no longer require moderator approval and are immediately visible.

Please remember that we expect all participants to follow the forum rules (which can be found here) at all times irrespective of their registration status.


The SB-Innovation Staff