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Thread: IPT vs FL vs TL

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    Quote Originally Posted by vsc View Post
    TL is the best of the bunch IMO. Best movie selection of the three probably, and freeleech for every 30+ or 50+ gb torrent (I forgot which). FL is the "neater" of them, but that's no great feat since general trackers are usually very disorganized. Regarding IPT, I was utterly disappointed with it. People always say it's the best general tracker content-wise, but I've had much more luck with my TL account than I ever did with IPT. Utimately, I let my IPT account die without snatching a single torrent. Feels guilty to once have requested the invite.
    I agree with you, TL is the best general tacker. And also I think the retention improved just like @alpacino wrote.
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