Private search that puts you first, not big tech
Brave Search doesn't track you or your queries. Ever. Private, independent, and transparent, Brave Search is the real alternative to Google. On mobile, desktop, and anywhere the web takes you. Search private. Search with confidence.

Search without a trace
Brave Search doesn't track you, your searches, or your clicks. It's impossible for us to share, sell, or lose your data, because we don't collect it in the first place.

Private search that's user-first
Google tracks everything you do, sells your data to advertisers, and leaves you vulnerable to hackers. Brave serves the user first. Not big tech. It's your data, your choice.

Independent search
Even supposedly "neutral" or "private" search engines rely on big tech for results. Brave is different. We deliver results based on our own built-from-scratch index. We're beholden to no one.

Real transparency
Brave Search doesn't use secret methods or algorithms to bias or censor results. We rely on anonymous community contributions to refine results, and community-created alternative ranking models to ensure diversity.

Comprehensive privacy
Brave offers best-in-class integration between private search and a privacy browser. This means all-in-one protection online-both during and after your search. - or - https://search.brave5t5rjjg3s6k.onion/

Seems okay, but I haven't had a thorough look yet. For the onion site, you'll currently have to whitelist the TLS certificate for since its SANs don't cover that hostname.