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Thread: The Deep Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Razor View Post
    I had the opportunity of reading the Mentality of Apes by Wolfgang Kohler, written in 1925. I won't spoil the thing but I do hope you'll read it, if you haven't already done so.
    Once you've read the dictionary, you realize that every book is just a remix
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    I get the feeling that most if not all things created by man exists only to create distractions, to divide our attention. I became aware of this since covid, and it seems like every time an event becomes old news, another one must take it's place. Russian-Ukraine became a sitcom as I assumed, now this Israel war; curious isn't it? I wonder what will happen next, after the world gets used to this new conflict as well. They say the most valuable resource on the planet is data. The data is merely a tool to determine where your attention goes, and by studying it you can acquire attention. Attention is a very limited resource and as such, extremely expensive. You involve people in mindless activities just to keep them occupied. But they don't see it as mindless because other people do it too. In any society, the majority rules and it draws other people to their side - they act like role models.
    I think eventually I'll lose my mind because I'm starting the situation for what it is. I dislike people that are drawn into this crap and they don't see it. Everything marketed as fun and entertaining is meant to rot your brain. Not to mention reprogramming (compare 1930s cartoons to those today). What isn't killing your brain, is killing your body. Myself.. I do what I think is right, always have and always will. I literally have no obsessions, or addictions, or wants. There is nothing that can corrupt me. But not being addicted or drawn to anything makes you... different. And people hate other people who are not like them. Whoever I talk to, either describing myself in 1st person or myself in 3rd person, nobody believes such a being exists in today's society. Everybody has something, some problem, some addiction, something.. anything. But that's the question here: why does everyone has something? Some like alcohol, smoke, coffee, sugar, games, women, socializing, money, and so on.. It has to be some obsession. And yet.. there are some not corrupted by anything. Not only there is no addiction, there is no usage at all!

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    More and more I have this feeling that everything is a distraction. It's unreal, it's like everything that was created in the past hundred years seems to be taking time. It's simplifying the lives of people but it's taking time (brain power),
    Even these damn podcasts that people just 'eat them up'. Most of these are repetitive; they repeat their topics upon a specific time frame, but even when something 'new' is recorded, it's all extracted from books. Nothing is new; people think it is but it isn't. It's just one of these papers that can create discussions for hundreds of hours for these quacks. During which the money rolls in, sponsors, in-video advertisements, it's all monetized. And you really don't learn anything, a book is much better but they wanted this way, they wanted to shift people's attention from writing to video and audio. That's the question, why consume 20hrs of a podcast series, when you can read the paper of which it is based upon in a quarter of that time and learn more?
    But the amount of people obsessed with podcasts is insane. I don't get it, most refuse to read yet they are enthusiastic about this crap.

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    Everything is a distraction! I just found something now that it all pieces all together. It finally makes sense. The system is made in a way to keep humans preoccupied and it's based on filters. The bulk of the people that lust of fun fun (which are games, sex, porn, junk food, sweets, drugs, alcohol, you name it). Once these people are set aside come the other ones, materialistic ones: people with more wants than needs, easily seduced and ruled by money. And finally there are those preoccupied with their well-being and the planet's well-being. Once you are are preoccupied with something, that's where they catch you. It is designed such that you will never get the bottom of it; it's a rabbit's hole.
    It is designed to waste time. Their greatest achievement is convincing people to work hard, make money to buy things that will slowly but surely kill them.
    So.. sex, work, get money, get women, get laid. Time.
    Gaming.. work hard, buy a multitude of devices that will eat your time (give up time to work, and give up time to play). Brilliant.
    Foods.. make a long list of ingredients, use only 20% of that, marks the other ones as less than 0.1%, and let the fools educated themselves on what those names mean. By the time they reach end of the lift, they either don't understand it, or do understand it but only applies to that specific food. Other foods use other names, identical terms, and on and on it goes. Same thing for shampoos, soaps, creams.. everything is the same. Same composition, same crap, and it's made to keep people preoccupied. The funny thing is, most "healthy" food actually kill you quicker. They thought it as "so you think you can evade the plan with money?". From what I know, foods are marked, it's a sigil or a code. So when you're supposed to be healthy, you are given this information, and you pick only that specific line. So you divide the people: those with money buy expensive crap because they think it's better, and die faster, other ones buy what they can get (and surprisingly life longer), and the other category that "advised" on what to get.

    Human beings are simple creatures, they are attracted to simple things, as all life does. Whenever something complicated arises, it has a plan and is well hidden.

    The main gist of it is they want to prevent thinking. A human that thinks is a threat and needs to eradicated. And it does this by killing time. It is as simple as that. Entertainment never existed, in the true sense of the word.

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    Closing this because I see no deep discussions, only the same post over and over.
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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