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Thread: eMule 0.50a eMuleFuture 1.1

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    eMule 0.50a eMuleFuture 1.1

    >>>>>> eMule 0.50a eMuleFuture 1.1 <<<<<<

    Coded by:


    Changelog / Features:

    + added better handling of removeable drives [WiZaRd] [idea by: jedikalimero (Bad Management Of Removable Drives - Official eMule-Board]
    * if you start eMuleFuture and your incoming and/or temp directories aren't found (e.g. if you use an external HDD and haven't switched it on),
    you are presented with a dialog with various options (cancel/try again/continue)
    + added kad term cleanup [WiZaRd]
    * if you enter invalid chars in a kad search, you are asked whether you want eMF to strip the invalid chars
    ! fixed addon dir writeability on some systems [WiZaRd]
    ! fixed autoHL options [WiZaRd]
    ! file buffer flush time was not saved [taz]
    ! fixed fileinfo dialog corruption around bitrates [WiZaRd]
    ! fixed missing icons in MiniMule [WiZaRd]
    * this probably fixes all other strange issues with UPnP, source drops, etc.
    ! fixed "ENTER" and "ESCAPE" keys in webbrowser [WiZaRd]
    ~ disabled sessionratio if we cannot upload [WiZaRd]
    * this occurs mostly to "new" users... lowering their speed isn't such a good idea as they should become new sources ASAP
    ~ updated xSkinButtons to v1.50 [WiZaRd]
    ! PS menu options are grayed out when partfiles are selected [taz]

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