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Thread: Universal.Share.Downloader.v1.3.5.9

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    New version here ,i can't translate the change log .txt to English from version into this version but i updated it with last up to date :
    All languages update .
    All plug-ins update .
    English language set by default instead of Russian .
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Busy , new things always comes
    Its the time for personal life ,Still here from time to time, Greeting for everybody All .

    Its easy way to capture the announces :-
    Tutorial how use SmartSniff to Capture announces for Bittorrent
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    SealLion (11.07.11) , zizo22 (10.07.11)

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    The latest revision. The exe file got changed despite the revision kept the same. Updated plug-ins.
    It is recommended to install it to a new folder.
    http://sborkausd.ucoz.com/files/04_12_2011.7z (6.49MB)
    Last edited by seldom; 05.12.11 at 00:20.
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    SealLion (23.12.11) , anon (05.12.11)

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