Android handset owners will now be able to watch a digital copy of a Blu-ray film on their smartphones.

The functionality comes by the way of "Unstoppable," an action-thriller starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine that hit store shelves today. The movie is the first with a Blu-ray Digital Copy that plays on Android, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment said in a statement.

The ability to watch digital copies of films on Blu-ray is already available for Apple's iPhone and iPad. And as with many iPhone-compatible films, "Unstoppable" will also allow Android owners to access extra features such as director commentary, and stunt work.

To actually watch all that content on an Android handset, customers do need to jump through a few hoops. For one, they need a legitimate copy of "Unstoppable" and a Wi-Fi-connected Blu-ray player that supports BD Live. In addition, they will need to be running Android 1.6 or higher and have the Pocket Blu Android app on their device. Once all the pieces are in place, the digital copy file can be transferred to the handset, so people can watch the film wherever they are.

It has been a big week so far for Android entertainment seekers. Qualcomm announced yesterday that "future" Android-based devices running on its Snapdragon platform will allow for access to Netflix streaming. The company did not provide a timetable for the release of such devices.
Source : News.Cnet