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Thread: eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0

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    eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0


    eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0
    - 25.12.2010 -
    based on eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6 compiled with vs2010

    Added: Tooltip for Show overhead on title [Stulle]
    Added: Random Modstring detection [WiZaRd]
    Added: Mod faker detection based on "«...»" in nick [zz_fly]
    Added: Leecher nick detection (randomized nick) [zz_fly]

    Changed: Updated Enhanced Client Recognition to v2 (minor change) [Stulle/WiZaRd]
    Changed: Disable ASFU if too many folders are shared [Stulle]
    + fixes related crashes; increases ASFU version number to 3.5
    Changed: No Pay back First for non-SUI clients if client ident failed [Stulle]
    Changed: Reworked coloring of windows (fixes some tab controls on Vista/7) [Stulle]
    Changed: Allowed localization of Dropmenu [Stulle]
    Changed: Fair Play is now integerbased [Stulle]

    Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v43) [zz_fly]
    Updated: Following language files: German [Stulle]; French [jamjam];
    Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly]; Italian [Myth88]

    Fixed: Global Mod statistics were not displayed [Stulle]
    Fixed: Service was not stopped when it should be stopped on starting emule.exe [Stulle]
    + occured when service name was changed
    Fixed: Crashfix for reloading share via ASFU under certain circumstances [WiZaRd]
    Fixed: Improper display in Shared Files List due to PowerShare column [Stulle]
    Fixed: Push Small File settings got reset if 1kB was chosen [Stulle]
    Fixed: Static Server style was not applied [Stulle]

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