SB-Innovation - Leecher Mod Source #1 FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Why can't I add/edit trackers?

Only users with Member title or above can add and edit trackers.

How do I select more than one banned country?

Press and hold the Ctrl key while you click on the different entries you wish to select.

How should I enter the IRC link?


Why is the language of my tracker missing?

Of course we can't add every existing language, so if the language of your tracker should be missing you can let us know here.

Why is it discarding the review and/or cheating thread links?

You must enter the thread IDs, not links. You can find them in the URL. In the following example, the highlighted number is the thread ID.

What should be submitted as a logo?

A small image of the tracker's logo or banner (not a favicon).

Why can't I insert rarity?

To prevent abuse, this value can only be entered/changed by staff.

How does the rating system work?

You can only vote for each tracker once. You can't edit your rating after voting.

What do the different ratio systems mean?

  • No ratio: there are no requirements at all. You can download anything and not seed any of it if you're so inclined, with no ill effects.
  • Ratio free: you are required to seed your snatches for a specific amount of time. As long as you do so, it's okay if you don't manage to upload all of it back.
  • File ratio: you're required to keep a minimum upload-to-download ratio in order to remain a member. Failure to do so will usually yield you a warning period where you must increase your ratio above the mandatory minimum, or else risk losing your account.
  • Special ratio system: anything that doesn't accurately match any of the systems mentioned above. For example, FSC's share index.

What do the different signup types mean?

  • Application: you must apply for an invitation using a contact form, e-mail, or IRC.
  • Completely Closed: self-explanatory. Registrations are closed and only very few (generally high-class) users have invites, if at all! Hence the tracker is effectively unreachable to most people.
  • Invite only: new members may join after being invited by an existing one. Criteria for obtaining invites can vary.
  • Registration open: self-explanatory. Anyone willing to join may do it freely.

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