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24.01.09, 23:42
SB-Innovation Presents

>>>>>> BitSpirit SBI Leecherpack <<<<<<

changed by:

>>>>>> Butcho <<<<<<


>>>>>> Butcho <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:

Mod Features:

-build different cheater versions
-removed advertising
-changed some parts to show sb-innovation
-changed standard settings

Leecher Pack:



No Complete
-Es wird kein Fertiggestellt Status gesendet dadurch entsteht kein Snatchlist Eintrag.

-Es wird weder euer Download und Upload auf dem Tracker gezählt.
-Ihr werdet als Seeder angezeigt
-Es wird kein Fertiggestellt Status gesendet dadurch entsteht kein Snatchlist Eintrag.

-Ihr werdet sofort als Seeder angezeigt euer Download wird auf dem Tracker nicht gezählt.
-Es wird kein Fertiggestellt Status gesendet dadurch entsteht kein Snatchlist Eintrag.


No Complete
-You don't send the complete flag to the tracker.
-There is no snatchlist entry

Report Seeder:
You are shown as a seeder directly.
Your download isn't rated on the tracker.

You Upload and you download aren't rated on the Tracker.
You are shown as a seeder.



26.01.09, 14:32
Good to see another decent faker in our board :top:

28.01.09, 22:29
Just want to say nice job on the new mod, Butcho. It looks good, personally I don't use it but it is a very nice alternative to have.

28.01.09, 22:50
BitSpirit is a really fast and lightweight client - you won't even notice it's there when it comes to resource usage, just like with uTorrent. Too bad most private trackers don't accept it, and that it's not as moddeable as uT.

28.01.09, 23:53
That's true but one member ask me in the past after mods which works on asia trackers and that's the point why i create this version.
It isn't a problem for me if the most users don't need it, if i can help some members with that release...

29.01.09, 04:50
Yea, your right anon. That is what sucks is a lot of private trackers will not let you use it. I played with it in the pass but since 95% of my sites are private, had to go with something else.

29.01.09, 05:29
There's a way for it to emulate BitTornado, though, and therefore bypass BitSpirit bans at lower level trackers (don't do this at higher level ones, it's easy to detect).

Go to Preferences -> Other options, and set these options as indicated:

Adjust client ID... - disabled
Enable the "compact tracker" support by default - enabled
Enable the "no_peer_id" support by default - enabled
Set the "numwant" flag when announcing - disabled

Also disable NAT traversal at "Proxy & NAT Traversal".

When adding a torrent, go to the "Extensions & Proxy" tab.
Set the User-Agent under "HTTP Protocol" to "user defined", and in the field below type BitTornado/T-0.3.17. Untick "enable cookies".
Do the same for the User ID under "BT Protocol" - type T03I----- in the text field.
The dialog should look like this:


Click OK and the torrent should be added and started, and the client emulating BitTornado.

This is how an announce will look after following that procedure:

GET /announce?info_hash=*&peer_id=T03I%2d%2d%2d%2d%2d%8cS%2aC%cdK%ce%c3%0b%b 0%2e&port=19626&uploaded=0&downloaded=0&left=732766208&event=started&key=8723531&compact=1&no_peer_id=1 HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: BitTornado/T-0.3.17
Host: torrent.ubuntu.com:6969
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Connection: close

HTTP/1.0 200 OK

Compare it with the real BitTornado's:

GET /announce?info_hash=*&peer_id=T03H-----Z8.YEsmTrrZ&port=28195&uploaded=0&downloaded=0&left=732766208&no_peer_id=1&compact=1&event=started&key=TVs0XD HTTP/1.1
Host: torrent.ubuntu.com:6969
Accept-Encoding: gzip
User-Agent: BitTornado/T-0.3.17


I've highlighted the places where something's different from the real BT's announce, and therefore a detection vector. As you can see there are many, but if you need to use BitSpirit at any cost on a lower-level tracker this should do.

I have hidden this part of the post so as to hide it from 0-posting tracker admins :tongue:

08.02.09, 17:10
Somebody can make a fakeupload bitspirit version, Please?:wink:

17.02.09, 10:20
Yeah, I still use BitSpirit when I download from Chinese trackers, It works the best on them for some reason.

17.02.09, 19:59
I think it's not possible because everytime i add one more byte for example for the multi the hole announce become destroyed. I'll look if i do something if i have more time to test some things...