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10.12.08, 21:18
Hy! Hope this isn't wrong place to ask. I'm having problem with this program. Anyway, I downloaded the files, install it, and when I insert files I want to download (from megaupload) I get strange error: "Problem:Exception". Does anyone use this program? I don't know what to do! :stupid::rolling_eyes:

10.12.08, 21:22
Moved to Other Downloaders & Support. :wink:

10.12.08, 21:23
Not CryptLoad is the problem, but MegaUpload is since AFAIK every link to a file hosted on MU is broken.

Did you try to download the file using your browser?

10.12.08, 21:30
I can't download because there is no link, you have to download a small file that you can open only with CryptLoad. Similiar like torrents.

10.12.08, 21:33
Can you PM me that file?

I "extract" the link and look if you can download it using a browser. :wink:

10.12.08, 22:04
Just a minute, I need to find it :biggrin:

EDIT: Check your PM box!

10.12.08, 22:22
Ok, the links seem to be working, at least they do for me with both my browser and also with jD.

I sent you a PM with the links so you can try to download them using your browser or pasting the links directly into cryptload. :wink:

10.12.08, 22:27
I tried with direc link and still the same problem. Could it be something in options?
Is it a secret how you manage to get all the links you sent me over PM?

10.12.08, 22:33
I need to have a look at CL since I usually use jD to download files from OCHs.

It's no secret how I managed to get the links, I used a decrypter. :wink:

10.12.08, 22:37
I see, well I guess I'll use JD as well. I just don't like when something isn't working:mad2:

10.12.08, 22:39
It's working for me with CL.
Can you download the files by opening the links in your browser?

10.12.08, 22:43
Yes, works fine!

10.12.08, 22:45
Make sure you're using the latest version of CL (1.1.5).

Also, since I normally don't use CL I can't help you very much. :frown:

10.12.08, 22:49
Don't worry, as long as JD works fine :biggrin: :wink2: