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20.09.08, 17:33
>>>>>> ECB Mod v0.4 <<<<<<

Coded by:

>>>>>> Tr0nYx <<<<<<


>>>>>> Tr0nYx <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:

ChangeLog ECB Mod 0.4

FIXED: Bug in QuickStart[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: DropSources[Xanatos]
ADDED: Auto Hard Limit[Wizard]
ADDED: IpFilter AutoComplete[Shadow2004]
ADDED: Ed2K-Updates[Shadow2004]
ADDED: ManualSourceDrop[Xanatos]
ADDED: Clipstat[Wizard]
ADDED: Remote Queue Satus[Yun.SF]
ADDED: Total up/Down in uploadlist[Xman]

Older Changelogs:
ADDED: Powershare[Wizard]
ADDED: ReleaseSlot Managment[Xanatos]
ADDED: Mark community in lightblue[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Mark powershare Files in red[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: QuickStart[Xanatos]
ADDED: Reask on IDCHange[Xanatos]
ADDED: FileFeedback[Xanatos(Little Fix Tr0nYx)]
ADDED: some Fixes & Optimations from X-Ray
ADDED: SplashscreenEx[NeoMule]
ADDED: Clientpercentage[Fafner/Slaham]
CHANGED: Some things around creditsystem[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: eChanblard Fake[umek/updated Tr0nYx]
ADDED:emulate Community Nickaddons[MagicAngel]
merged Bandwidthcontrol & uploadbandwidththrottler to the newest one
from NeoMule[Tr0nYx]
Added: CommunitySlotSettings[Tr0nYx]
Fixed: Added Argos fixes from Morph4u(thank u)
Changed: Credistsystem(based on Xman´s(simply modified by me)

Added: Bandwidthcontrol[Pawcio/Taken from NeoMule]
Added: Uploadbandwidththrottler[NeoMule]
Added: European community[Tr0nYx/Nightsky10]
++Sharelevel(only partfile, nothing, all(to community is always shared))[umek]
Added: accurate speed measure[Xanatos]
Added: Diffqr[X-Ray]
Added: Uploadcolors[??]
Added: NAFC[Xman/Xanatos]
Added: Pinger[Xanatos]
Added: NeoFile-ScoreSystem[Xanatos]
Added: fixes from xray
Added: SLS[Xman/enkeyDev]
Added: Ip2Country File Origin[Wizard]
Added: Kick-System[umeK]
FIXED: Destroy downloadqueue before knownfiles to prevent crash[Dazzle]
many many thx to my Betatesters MarioHH, system28 and B@nsh€€ & to umeK 4 the sharelevels

Based upon emule 0.49b Argos Edition 1.0[morph4u](thx for this great work)


extern Download

Pass: EBC

20.09.08, 19:31
Nice update Tr0nYx i'll test it later.
You work very hard on the ebc mod so i'm sure it will become a very good emule leecher.
I hope that we can handle that with the European community...

21.09.08, 07:50
does this mod work better than XDP and SBI??

in fact i still dont know the difference between bad leecher and community leecher...

just according to the name,maybe the bad leecher is more quicker and efficient than the later

21.09.08, 08:28
does this mod work better than XDP and SBI??

Test it and you formed your own opinion....

21.09.08, 09:06
Added: European community[Tr0nYx/Nightsky10]

kann man die auch abstellen?

21.09.08, 09:07
nein kann man nicht warum auch?

21.09.08, 15:01
many French mod has released....

nobody ask for it and it doesnt have nothing to do with this thread. deleted!

21.09.08, 20:48
@xixifrank: this mod can be both a leecher or a bit of a releaser depending on the settings - it has "no share files", but also NAFC and full control over your upload.
You'll also always upload to the european community, regardless of the "no share" setting. Same applies for Powershared files (thanks Tr0nYx :wink:).

I've written something about this before:

Just think about this: if you only upload to other community clients, they'll either upload to other community clients or normal mods.
If you enable no-upload but do upload to a comm client, he'll may in turn upload just to other comm clients, for which potential anti-P2P organizations and the such infiltrated in the network will have to disassemble umeK's mod (which they probably can't do as it's illegal under their laws) and fake its community, which hasn't been done as far as I know.
If he also uploads to other normal mods too, he won't tell them he got these pieces from you (or whoever it also got chunks from). For all other clients downloading from him care, the "chain" may very well have started with him, and not from others (which would include you).
Just some thoughts... don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware some people need maximum security (don't upload to anybody) for which "upload only to community" isn't enough.

Of course it's a lot better if you compare both yourself for the usage you'll be giving eMule, like umeK said. :wink:

21.09.08, 22:33
powershare files are always shared too;)

21.09.08, 22:54
Oh, yes, I forgot to add that. :biggrin:
I've edited my previous post. :top: