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13.09.08, 17:56
>>>>>> ECB Mod v0.3 <<<<<<

Coded by:

>>>>>> Tr0nYx <<<<<<


>>>>>> Tr0nYx <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:


Based upon emule 0.49b Argos Edition 1.0[morph4u](thx for this great work)

Changelog v0.3:

ADDED: Powershare[Wizard]
ADDED: ReleaseSlot Managment[Xanatos]
ADDED: Mark community in lightblue[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Mark powershare Files in red[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: QuickStart[Xanatos]
ADDED: Reask on IDCHange[Xanatos]
ADDED: FileFeedback[Xanatos(Little Fix Tr0nYx)]
ADDED: some Fixes & Optimations from X-Ray
ADDED: SplashscreenEx[NeoMule]
ADDED: Clientpercentage[Fafner/Slaham]
CHANGED: Some things around creditsystem[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: eChanblard Fake[umek/updated Tr0nYx]
ADDED:emulate Community Nickaddons[MagicAngel]

Older Changelogs:
merged Bandwidthcontrol & uploadbandwidththrottler to the newest one
from NeoMule[Tr0nYx]
Added: CommunitySlotSettings[Tr0nYx]
Fixed: Added Argos fixes from Morph4u(thank u)
Changed: Credistsystem(based on Xman´s(simply modified by me)

Added: Bandwidthcontrol[Pawcio/Taken from NeoMule]
Added: Uploadbandwidththrottler[NeoMule]
Added: European community[Tr0nYx/Nightsky10]
++Sharelevel(only partfile, nothing, all(to community is always shared))[umek]
Added: accurate speed measure[Xanatos]
Added: Diffqr[X-Ray]
Added: Uploadcolors[??]
Added: NAFC[Xman/Xanatos]
Added: Pinger[Xanatos]
Added: NeoFile-ScoreSystem[Xanatos]
Added: fixes from xray
Added: SLS[Xman/enkeyDev]
Added: Ip2Country File Origin[Wizard]
Added: Kick-System[umeK]
FIXED: Destroy downloadqueue before knownfiles to prevent crash[Dazzle]
many many thx to my Betatesters MarioHH, system28 and B@nsh€€ & to umeK 4 the sharelevels


extern Download


Pass: EBC

13.09.08, 21:51
Hihi...lustig! Topic ist "ECB Mod v0.3"

Dann steht aber ">>>>>> ECB Mod v0.2b <<<<<<"

Und das Changelog geht bis "v0.2c"

13.09.08, 21:55
So der Text past jetzt.
Sorry war meine Schuld Copy&Paste halt... :wink:
Aber das Changelog stimmt so da habe ich nichts geändert.

14.09.08, 09:10
So der Text past jetzt.
Sorry war meine Schuld Copy&Paste halt... :wink:
Aber das Changelog stimmt so da habe ich nichts geändert.
ja war mein Fehler hatte vergessen die modversion im Changelog zu ändern^^ thx butcho

15.09.08, 16:02
Ich glaub die Share Level stehen auch nicht im Changelog.
Ich habe jetzt mal denn Titel erweitert um den Threat dadurch zu pushen.
Ich hoffe das geht in Ordnung.

Das ganze sieht echt gut aus und ich würde mich gerne eurer community anschliessen.
Falls die anderen nichts dagegen haben...

15.09.08, 16:28
++Sharelevel(only partfile, nothing, all(to community is always shared))[umek]

doch stehen drin, also ich meinerseits hätte nix dagegen;)

15.09.08, 20:54
So SBI-L will form part of ECB's european community in the future? :biggrin:

16.09.08, 02:31
what is community & european community ???
I dont know much about that

so,just say my understanding

community: a kind of mod. if A and B use the same mod,when they meet,they can add score very much each other. and they have priority in transfer to each other

european community: when the clients are from Europe(according to IP),then add much much score.

am i right???

if that's true,just say my opinion. the key to success of a community mod is the number, the number of people who use this mod, it should be very very big. otherwise, hundred,thousand,that's so little... but it comes to another problem,when you get success,this mod becomes famous. like AJ. what's the result,you are banned. just see AJ,it seems to be banned everywhere,people using normal mod hate it and think it unfair.

so...i think community mod isnt a good idea...

16.09.08, 07:38
I'm not sure i must talk with the other coder wich are in that community first.
If i insert a community i make it switchable and try to handle it like umek that the share and upload goes only to com members.
So everybody can decide for his self if he want use this community.
We will see...

16.09.08, 08:41
european community is only the name, it boosts clients with the same community, To ban those community mods, you have to identify it, but till now i don´t know how someone should detect the community without its code^^