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06.08.08, 02:14
>>>>>> eMule 0.48a ZZUL BastarD 1.9.1 <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:

No powershare, small file push and SUQWT for illegal clients
Postit-like area for adding notes to friends
Shortcuts in Shared Files window for modifing file priorities
Minimum QR value shown
New columns
Chunks sepatators in Upload List progress bar
Moonlight's SUQWT v2
Push Small Files
NiceHash 2
Fine Credit System
New priorities range
Extended tooltips
Enlarged search history length
Smart Unshare
Code optimization for interface speedup
PowerShare priority is a separate flag
Compression Ratio and Compression Gain in file detail window (requested by bUR)
Warning message when removing from share a file which has few sources
Removed TTS and IRC window
BestShare payback.
Conditional compilation
Friend slot shortcut (CTRL+F)
*all ZZUL Mod features*

eMule 0.48a ZZUL BastarD Mod 1.9.1

Based on ZZUL 0.48a code by zz
ADD: BestShare payback.
ADD: conditional compilation
ADD: Green back color for collections in SharedList
ADD: 4-way sorting for rating/U-D in client queue & upload queue
ADD: sorting on upload conditions column is now possible
ADD: shortcut [CTRL]+[F] to immediately assign a Friend Slot

REM: PushSmallFile option for collections

CNG: Old PowerRelease is now called SuperRelease and the priority given to a file is dynmic depending on the shared ratio value.
Quick description:
- priority is set at max (100) when share ratio < 2
- at each share ratio unit increase file upload priority is decreased of 10 (so at 2 it becomes 90, at 3 is 80... at 9 is 20 and at 10 is 10)
- minimum priority for SuperRelease file is however 10 whatever the share ratio
CNG: NiceHash parameters tuned a little bit (at higher load the CPU is now used a bit more)

FIX: friend slot assignment & interface update
FIX: friend note was broken in 1.9.0 (sorry)
FIX: server removal when max number of retries is set to 0.
Now with that setting no server is going to be removed from server list even though the connection fail lots of times
FIX: upload client available chunk in upload list
New shortcuts to easily set file upload priority in SharedFiles list:
- [CTRL]+# where # is from 0 to 9 immediately sets the priority to that value (0 means priority = 10)
- [CTRL]+[+] increases priority
- [CTRL]-[-] decreases priority
- [CTRL]+[\] sets SuperRelease


LINK (http://www.emule-mods.de/?mods=bastard)

24.10.08, 20:14
eMule v0.48a ZZUL BastarD 1.9.1 Statistics [mskvorc1]

Session UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 3.00
Session UL:DL Ratio (Friends UL excluded): 1 : 3.00
Cumulative UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 3.00
Uploaded Data: 443.29 MB
Uploaded Data to Friend Slots (Session): 0 Bytes
Focused uploads/Needed to fill Bandwidth: 1
Total Uploads: 2
Waiting Uploads: 3860
Upload Sessions: 173
Total successful upload sessions: 110 (63.58%)
Total failed upload sessions: 63 (36.42%)
Average Uploaded Per Session: 3.95 MB
Average upload time: 18:12 Minutes
Total Overhead (Packets): 81.21 MB (814.00 k)
Downloaded Data: 1.30 GB
Completed Downloads: 1
Active Downloads (chunks): 37
Found Sources: 4403
Download Sessions: 8080
Successful Download Sessions: 3388 (41.9%)
Failed Download Sessions: 4692 (58.1%)
Average Downloaded Per Session: 401.99 KB
Average Download Time: 10:37 Minutes
Gained Due To Compression: 14.92 MB (1.1%)
Lost Due To Corruption: 2.44 MB (0.2%)
Parts Saved Due To I.C.H: 3
Total Overhead (Packets): 43.99 MB (828.50 k)
Reconnects: 0
Active Connections (estimate): 199 (Half:1 | Compl:23 | Other:175)
Average Connections (estimate): 193
Peak Connections (estimate): 212
Max Connection Limit Reached: 6614 : 24.10.2008 19:14:45
Upload-Speed: 14.00 KB/s
Average Uploadrate: 9.64 KB/s
Max Upload Rate: 14.23 KB/s
Max Average Upload Rate: 9.64 KB/s
Download-Speed: 30.85 KB/s
Average Downloadrate: 28.92 KB/s
max. Downloadrate: 3.79 MB/s
Max Downloadrate Average: 28.92 KB/s
Time Statistics
Statistics last reset: 24.10.2008 6:12:35
Time Since Last Reset: 13:02 Hours
Runtime: 13:05 Hours
Transfer Time: 13:04 Hours (100.0%)
Current Server Duration: 13:05 Hours (100.0%)
Total Server Duration: 13:05 Hours (100.0%)
Projected Averages
Known Clients: 5523
Low ID: 1556 (28.2%)
Secure Ident (OK : Failed ): 5307 (99.0%) : 56 (1.0%)
Problematic: 0 (0.0%)
Banned: 301
Filtered: 2868
Shared Files
Disk Space