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05.08.08, 20:07
>>>>>> eMule 0.49a ScarAngel v3.0 <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:

Status color
Show CPU & RAM Usage
Relax on startup
Global Hardlimit
Push small files
Push rare files
Credit Systems (Official, Lovelace, Ratio, Pawcio, EastShare, Sivka, SWAT & Xtreme)
Save Upload Queue Waiting Time
Show sources on title
Show eMule info in MSN
Show global HL
Show HL per file continously
Sivka File Settings
Customized source dropping
Advanced manual dropping
Fake HighID check
FunnyNick Tag Selection
Client queue progress bar
ScarAngel version check
Show Client Percentage
Tabbed Preferences
TBH Backup
TBH MiniMule
Copy feedback feature
Adjust compress level
Smart Category Control
Spread bars
Share Only the Need
Anti-Anti-HideOS & SOTN
See chunks we're hiding
Superior Client Handling
Release Bonus
Release Score assurance
XP Style menus
Design settings
Static IP Filter
Enhanced Client Recognition
Compat Client Stats
Enforce Ratio
Improved ICS Firewall support
Invisible Mode
UPnP support
Random Ports
Anti fragmenting
Safe KAD
Display reason for zero score
Automatic shared files updater
Emulate others
Anti Uploader Ban
Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
Spread Credits Slot
Pay Back First
Do not reserve 1/3 of your uploadlimit for emule
Disable accepting only clients who asked within last 30min

eMule v0.49a ScarAngel v3.0

- 06.07.2008 -
based on eMule 0.48a Xtreme 6.1 compiled with vs2003 SP1
Merged to eMule v0.49a [Stulle]

- Xtreme's heir -

Added: Auto download priority [tommy_gun/iONiX] - MyTh
Added: MenuXP Sub Heading [fafner] - MyTh

Changed: Context menu Sidebars show mod version [Stulle] - MyTh
Changed: Context menu title shown as sub heading [Stulle] - MyTh
Changed: Localize Source Graph group box [Stulle/thx pennyliu123] - Stulle
Changed: Localize Push Small Files label above slider [Stulle/thx pennyliu123] - Stulle
Changed: Localize TBH: MM group item [Stulle/thx pennyliu123] - Stulle
Changed: Localize "12h" string for Release Bonus [Stulle/thx pennyliu123] - Stulle
Changed: Updated UPnP implementation, UPnP lib and PThread lib [leuk_he] - Stulle
Changed: Updated IP2Country implementation [MorphXT] - Stulle
Changed: Updated libping to 1.28 (which is same source as 1.27) [leuk_he] - Stulle
Changed: Updated CxImage to 6.00 (we use the rather complete lib) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: No increased reask time for Mephisto clients [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: No Pay back First for non-SUI clients if client ident failed [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Only draw credits overlay icon for mods [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Creation of TBH: MiniMule (won't show up on startup now) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Display warning in Design Panel for all Windows > XP [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Made Compat clients stats code prettier [WiZaRd] - Stulle
Changed: Ban clients with reduced score immediatly on setting changed [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Keep Sup clients in up if there is no other sup client in queue [Stulle] - Stulle

Fixed: Do not restrict download if no upload possible [Stulle] - Stulle
+ missed merging the proper version of this code on releasing
Fixed: Anti-Uploader-Ban case 2 and 3 (horribly old...) [Stulle] - Stulle

Removed: Redundant File Settings code (old) [Stulle] - Stulle
Removed: Safe KAD code and thelike (for now) [Stulle] - Stulle
Removed: Xtreme version check (not working for now) [Stulle] - Stulle


LINK (http://scarangel.sourceforge.net/eng_download.html)

21.10.08, 18:02
eMule v0.49a [ScarAngel v3.0] Statistics [mskvorc1]

Session UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 9.17
Session UL:DL Ratio (Friends UL excluded): 1 : 9.17
Cumulative UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 9.17
Uploaded Data: 355.70 MB / 632.12 MB
Uploaded Data to Friend Slots (Session): 0 Bytes
Active Uploads/Needed to fill Bandwidth: 3
Total Uploads: 4
Waiting Uploads: 7853
Upload Sessions: 102
Total successful upload sessions: 95 (93.14%)
Total failed upload sessions: 7 (6.86%)
Average Uploaded Per Session: 3.74 MB
Average upload time: 29:30 Minutes
Total Overhead (Packets): 40.00 MB (531.31 k)
Downloaded Data: 3.19 GB / 3.56 GB
Completed Downloads: 4
Active Downloads (chunks): 20
Found Sources: 2178
Download Sessions: 1344
Successful Download Sessions: 1084 (80.7%)
Failed Download Sessions: 260 (19.3%)
Average Downloaded Per Session: 3.01 MB
Average Download Time: 12:48 Minutes
Gained Due To Compression: 139.68 MB (4.3%)
Lost Due To Corruption: 66.38 MB (2.0%)
Parts Saved Due To I.C.H: 2
Total Overhead (Packets): 34.89 MB (773.81 k)
Upload-Speed: 10.9 KB/s
Average Uploadrate: 9.9 KB/s
Max Upload Rate: 13.1 KB/s
Max Average Upload Rate: 10.7 KB/s
Download-Speed: 69.3 KB/s
Average Downloadrate: 90.5 KB/s
max. Downloadrate: 200.0 KB/s
Max Downloadrate Average: 107.4 KB/s
Time Statistics
Statistics last reset: 21.10.2008 6:49:11
Time Since Last Reset: 10:13 Hours
Runtime: 10:15 Hours
Transfer Time: 10:15 Hours (100.0%)
Current Server Duration: 10:15 Hours (100.0%)
Total Server Duration: 10:15 Hours (100.0%)
Projected Averages
Known Clients: 9754
Low ID: 3013 (30.9%)
Secure Ident (OK : Failed ): 9145 (93.8%) : 61 (0.6%)
Problematic: 0 (0.0%)
Banned: 1361
Filtered: 3915
Leecher-Hits: 4441
Mods: 2198 (22.5%)
Countries: 85
Shared Files
Disk Space