View Full Version : Dark moment for Argentina: ex-president Carlos Menem, 90, passes away

16.02.21, 03:29

Died due to complications from a urinary tract infection, plus pneumonia he had been struggling with for half a year now. Evidently too much stuff piled up, and this time he couldn't make it. Rest in peace, Golden Turk. Despite your mistakes, you did more for this country than most who came before you, and all who have come since.

For those not familiar with the icon, the first three articles provide a fairly unbiased summary of his two presidencies (CNN's is just a quick obituary), and Wikipedia also offers an elaborate account of his life and career, although it skips most details past the late 2000s. "He may not have done everything, but that he did a lot, no one can deny".



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02.02.22, 07:34
Carlos Menem is a national hero, the best president of the twentieth century. Thanks to him, the country united, there were fewer poor people and the country began to live better.

03.02.22, 01:15
The key to Menem's success was knowing when to compromise between party doctrine and what was actually best for the country, and how to cooperate with your opponents in order to reconcile instead of accentuate differences. Post-1995, it became harder for him to maintain such a stance, and that's partly why things bombed. Anyway, no matter the ideology, policy these days is drastically different.

A political campaign is slinging as much shit as possible at your enemies, while dodging the one they shoot back with.
If you're in power, blame a power-hungry opposition and "the chasm" for your failures. If you aren't in power, blame a power-hungry opposition and "the chasm" for your failures. In either case, keep doing your best to make said chasm as wide as possible, people need a designated enemy.
Even if the ship is sinking, always positive! Say everything is either okay or will be very soon, it's what your voters want to hear, and you don't want to be the guy no one voted for (a posteriori).

Ugh. Candies, candies, I need some candies now.