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15.07.20, 14:39

I'm writing new tracker app but the tracker servers out there are a mess. I don't know any Java library for bittorrent that is decent and in active development to be used. I searched for existing solution and found chihaya which is written in GO and seems doesn't support private tracking.

Any library out there I don't know about ? Any recommendations ? Should I use and existing one like chihaya (I don't know Go and it's written in Go) or try to build my own tracker ?

It seems no matter what, I have to be experienced in Bittorrent standard and understand exactly how it works before using or writing a tracker. I mean, really do in deep details understanding all inside bittorrent.org !!!!

16.07.20, 05:54

This seems like what you're looking for. As for the last question, learning how X works before attempting to write something that does X is a given. Know the protocol specification and all the BEPs. Then you can continue by checking out existing implementations and seeing what they do and how (BiglyBT has a fairly powerful tracker, written in Java too). Bill Gates used to dumpster dive behind computer labs looking for discarded books of source code, but this is easier now =]

16.07.20, 11:38
Yeah I checked ttorrent. Last commit was 9 months ago. Now that you put it that way, I'll spend some time reading the specs :rolling_eyes: .

18.07.20, 14:03

OK now time to understand this shi*t and decide which library to use !

18.07.20, 15:30
Yeah I checked ttorrent. Last commit was 9 months ago.

It's the least bad one I could find. :gnoes:


Nice catch! Seems much better and more up-to-date than the others.

14.02.22, 05:22
any update to this post !

14.02.22, 19:03
Two interesting projects showed up recently, although their programming language is Rust and not Java.