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15.09.18, 09:29
>>>>>> eMule 0.51b Community Version <<<<<<

Coded by:


Changelog / Features:

Red asterisk * marks the changes made after the first beta.

Using Visual Studio 2017
AsyncSocketEx code updated to the latest from Filezilla server
Allow loading Mediainfo.dll up to the version 18.03 18.05 *
Purge duplicate AICH hashsets from known2_64.met
HTTPS connection for Web interface (SSL/TLS)
A few changes and bug fixes in smIRC
UTF-8 for IRC
Bug fixes in eMule and libraries.
Basic parsing for magnet links
More reliable start of upload to slow peers *

This is mostly a maintenance release to address the issues found in version 0.51a.
Additionally to bug fixes, this version got new features in Web Interface:
certificates for HTTPS may be created in Options.
search for collections

Thread at emule-project.net: https://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=162067
GitHub: https://github.com/irwir/eMule/releases

15.09.18, 09:55
Nice find, I edited the post to follow the thread template for this section.

This one is even listed in the download page at emule-project.net, so we could consider it a semi-official mod.

16.09.18, 05:29
Hope someone can make a MorpthXT version

27.09.18, 23:04
a few modded versions that would be great as 0.51b
cant see it happening but still would be great if it did...

SBI Leecher , -XdP- , Chimera

28.09.18, 00:20
Yeah, there isn't a lot going on in the eMule leecher mod scene anymore :gfrown:

28.09.18, 15:29
shame.. would be awesome to have some greats come back

can remember a very old one about 46c version..
had so many options in it must be a one off coder to do such work in its time
think some one made a loader to open up all options completely

pimp my emule v1.9 sr2 by smasher

29.09.18, 03:56
Smasher was a very talented individual. He also made fully-featured mods for Shareaza (whose login system no one has cracked to this day) and Azureus. I have copies of all of them in case anyone's interested.

03.03.19, 06:16
eMule v0.51c available now.

03.03.19, 09:27
eMule_v0.51c-community: Maintenance release (https://github.com/irwir/eMule/releases/)

This release should fix a number of issues found in version 0.51b.

Bugs fixed:

crash when loading emulecollections
UPnP crash in Windows XP
Web Interface regression in Search
e-mail notifications were broken due to bugs in ATL code
regression in Scheduler's options
crash when deleting a part file while it was being hashed

03.03.19, 15:06
I just realized the official build hasn't been updated since 2010 :gnoes:

07.06.19, 14:25
A new maintenance release eMule 0.51d is available for download.
Web Interface crash in search was fixed, and global server search functionality restored.
Also, a handful of minor changes was included in this version.

12.10.20, 16:26
eMule v0.60a community


Internally, the changes are extensive; there are security improvements and optimisations, a few bugs and regressions were fixed.
All that might be, and in many cases should be, invisible to users.

The visible side of the changes should be:

SMTP email notifications can use secure transmission and user authentication
HTTPS can be used for downloading server.met, nodes.dat, IP filter and language DLLs
servers: first connection is tried as obfuscated (often server capabilities were unknown at the time)
minor increase in KAD publishing rate
Windows UPnP implementation got changes (and needs field testing)
improved compatibility with the latest versions of mediainfo.dll, including 20.08
uniform checks for data rate limits
parts import for handling broken downloads (should be enabled in Options->Extended - for the current session only)

And now, have you been attentive enough and noticed plural form executables in the first phrase?
This is not a mistake, there are two executable files, because eMule gets 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

In 64-bit Windows it is possible to use well know "overwrite the executable" kind of upgrade as the simplest way to switch between 32-bit and 64-bit builds or versions - there and back.
Of course, external DLLs (MediaInfo.dll, for one) must have the same bitness as eMule itself.

12.10.20, 17:09
eMule v0.60a community

Is that the same as 34674? I thought the latter was an official prerelease, but after rereading the thread on emule-project.net it seems I may have been wrong.

12.10.20, 22:58
looks like 3 different versions of v0.60a

Beta , Release Candidate , community

25.05.21, 22:43
The current release is available at: https://github.com/irwir/eMule/releases/tag/eMule_v0.60c-community

27.05.21, 16:09
Is anyone in touch with morph4u? I'd like to know if he has plans to update his LPE mod to this version, but he hasn't visited since 2013...

27.05.21, 16:56
I can ask him

27.05.21, 17:02
Please do! LPE is my mod of choice to this day. Lightweight, fast and has all the features I want.

27.05.21, 20:17
sry, bad news for you.

28.05.21, 21:35
Unfortunate, but well, 0.50a still works :wgrin: Thanks to you both for the responses.

06.06.21, 09:13
I know Stulle is working on a new MorthXT based on 0.60

06.06.21, 16:19
thats correct as basic for stullemule