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10.08.17, 18:16
Please before reading this thread, read Client file format (https://www.sb-innovation.de/f275/announce-parameters-url-headers-33455/).

Since BitTorrent clients are updated regularly, i'll post the default file template for Deluge. And will list any changes for a particular version against this default template.

Default template

"keyGenerator": {
"length": 8,
"type": "hash",
"case": "upper"
"peerIdGenerator": {
"pattern": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"refreshOn": "NEVER",
"shouldUrlEncode": false
"urlEncoder": {
"encodingExclusionPattern": "[A-Za-z0-9_~\(\)\!\.\*-]",
"encodedHexCase": "lower"
"query": "info_hash={infohash}&peer_id={peerid}&port={port}&uploaded={uploaded}&downloaded={downloaded}&left={left}&corrupt=0&key={key}&event={event}&numwant={numwant}&compact=1&no_peer_id=1&supportcrypto=1&redundant=0",
"numwant": 200,
"numwantOnStop": 0,
"requestHeaders": [
{ "name": "Host", "value": "xxxxx"},
{ "name": "User-Agent", "value": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" },
{ "name": "Accept-Encoding", "value": "gzip" },
{ "name": "Connection", "value": "close" }
peerIdGenerator.pattern: -LT1100-[A-Za-z0-9_~\(\)\!\.\*-]{12}
requestHeaders.User-Agent: libtorrent_leap/

13.08.17, 15:05
Updated file format to a more readable one.