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10.08.17, 16:18
This subforum is meant for documenting the behavior of BitTorrent clients when communicating with the tracker and peers (e.g. announce structure, peer_id and key algorithm, etc.), in hopes that it may provide useful to those who want to create their own client files for any program.

Do not request clients to be posted here, or start any sort of unrelated discussions. Use the thread belonging to the corresponding program for those purposes.

You must have at least 30 posts to create a thread. This is a minimum margin of safety meant to prevent spam and ensure only those with enough knowledge can post documentation. It does not apply to regular posts.

Threads should be named simply after the client they're meant to document (e.g. "uTorrent", "qBittorrent", "Deluge"). Version-specific details can be elaborated within.

Have fun!