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02.11.13, 15:05
List of Premium Link Generators 2013
with premium link generators you can download from file hosts (e.g. uploaded, rapidshare etc) with no limit - just like premium user.



02.11.13, 15:32
Can anyone comment on this, is this legit? i'm not sure how i feel about this document filled with referral links.

02.11.13, 18:16
Obviously someone's trying to make some cash from those adfly links, but the list seems comprehensive enough (and you can bypass the links by searching the names in your favorite engine) and could be useful, so I'll leave this thread be.

02.11.13, 23:06
I might take a look!

03.11.13, 20:53
just tried it and it actually works. pretty neat. guess they get enough ad revenue to buy premium accounts while still making some money.

24.01.14, 11:44
list is updated for 2014...Enjoy!!

26.01.14, 00:23
I would enjoy if I could, but my success rate with those links is pretty bad. Maybe if you could single out few best?

When I needed it in a hurry (when non-premium link wasn't enough), encountered many issues, as: have to basically disable my adblock/noscript before visiting any of those sites (but thats somewhoat okay, they have to generate $$$ I guess, but its just PURE BULLSHIT when they get me in that AD LOOP following one link after another after another, wonder will they ever serve me what I came for - premium link!).

Then there is varied flaky support of filehosters (even those which are officially supported by the site - are unavailable or "out of the stock"). Also those unavailable ones happen to be most popular hosters on warez forums.

Then there is issue of filesize. When I'm downloading something this way I sure as hell will always take 2-3 500GB links instead 50 smaller links. And I was unable to find any premium link generator that supported my 500gb link at the time

Some generators require you register, only to serve you dissapointment after you wasted time of filling reg form, confirming mail etc.

So to sum it up... Stick with torrents whenever and however as much possible :)

26.01.14, 02:59
This is another alternative site, prety the same

Premium Link Generators 2014 (http://megaleechers.blogspot.com/p/premium-link-generators_21.html)

27.01.14, 19:53
So to sum it up... Stick with torrents whenever and however as much possible :)

I could'nt agree more.

21.04.14, 06:56
I think they are not active anymore

Last Update: 7/3/14~~

And their latest post is from March 16

Do you know another site like this??