View Full Version : Cheating on HDCenter

25.02.12, 15:32
Never tried to cheat in HDCenter.

Any experience?

12.05.12, 13:34
No one tried anything ? maybe i will then. will keep ya updated.

03.06.12, 03:48
Update: cheated at more than 10 files with speeds 100 - 600 kb/s up and 100 - 1000 kb/s down using waffles method, everything was fine but I was greedy and new member cheated about 150 Gb download and little more uploaded then I was banned I left mR working for 2-3 days changing speeds due changes of leechers. There are few leechers anyway. So far the script is not that good but I was very noticeable.

19.07.12, 11:44
is there any cheating experience new?