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01.03.08, 21:34
What is Deluge?

Deluge is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It uses libtorrent in it's backend and PyGTK for it's user interface.

Deluge features a rich plugin collection; in fact, most of Deluge's functionality is available in the form of plugins.

Deluge was created with the intention of being lightweight and unobtrusive. It is our belief that downloading shouldn't be the primary task on your computer and therefore shouldn’t monopolize system resources.

Deluge is not designed for any one desktop environment and will work just fine in GNOME, KDE, XFCE and others.

Deluge is Free Software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

What about features?

Deluge has a wide-array of features, including:

Web UI
BitTorrent Protocol Encryption
Mainline DHT
Local Peer Discovery (aka LSD)
FAST protocol extension
µTorrent Peer Exchange
Proxy support
Web seed
Private Torrents
Global and per-torrent speed limits
Configurable bandwidth scheduler
Password protection
And much more!

HomePage: Deluge BitTorrent Client (http://deluge-torrent.org/)

Enjoy :top:

08.03.08, 08:14
Deluge (29 February 2008)

Deluge (29 February 2008)
Fix force recheck
Auto scraping of tracker if it doesn't report number of peers on reply
Fix web seed proxy preference
Fix adding of duplicate torrents
Fix timers for saving fastresume and uploaded memory
Fix rechecking on start
PnP fixes
Fix possible libtorrent crash in storage

Download for multiple platforms (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

22.03.08, 11:12
Deluge (11 March 2008)


* Fix fast-resume deletion on shutdown
* Tweak saving of uploaded memory (more effective ratio)
* Add torrents with .fastresume files before torrents that don't
* Fix a UI hang (bug #72)
* Fix large toolbar on windows

Download-Link (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

27.03.08, 17:18
Deluge (26 March 2008)


* UPnP fixes
* Bandwidth limiter fix
* Various DHT fixes
* Fix upload ratio not saving
* Fix WebUI crash (ticket #89)
* Clear seeding torrents now deletes the ".torrent" file
* Fix keyboard scrolling of plugins
* Scheduler can now handle number of active torrents,
upload slots and max connections

Download-Link (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

15.04.08, 14:33

Deluge (14 April 2008)
Fix segfault caused in when adding torrents.
Change fast resume to use is_finished
LT - Fix private flag.
LT - Verify url before connection to web seed.

Deluge (09 April 2008)
Fix ubuntu hardy and debian sid bug sine they've renamed and broken up the packages.
Fix ratio (again)
Sync with asio 1.0 release
li>Remove file manager from preferences
Sync with libtorrent 0.13 release
Fix for vista dbus not closing bug

Download for multiple platforms (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

05.05.08, 10:15

Deluge (30 April 2008)
Fix ratio
Fix opening folders/files on windows
Move all packages to use Python 2.5

Download for multiple platforms (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

18.06.08, 23:22

Deluge (19 May 2008)
Fix queue reordering on startup
Fix open folder
Fix advanced progress bar when only 1 piece in torrent
Fix to prevent possible invalid torrent file from crashing Deluge

Download (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

30.07.08, 16:31
Deluge is very cool client.

Version 1.0.0_RC4
Deluge BitTorrent Client (http://deluge-torrent.org/)

30.07.08, 16:50
wie wäre es mit nem leechermod :).

30.07.08, 16:55
wie wäre es mit nem leechermod :).

Wäre natürlich machbar, aber es ist wohl momentan niemand da der das übernehmen könnte. Es mangelt einfach an potenziellen Codern. Wir haben zwar ein paar, aber diese haben entweder im Reallife zu viel zu tun oder arbeiten bereits an anderen Projekten. Ein Leechermod hierraus aka die uTorrent Leecher wäre natürlich schnell gemacht, aber wenn man die Chance hat an einem Open Source Client zu arbeiten möchte man natürlich auch ein Menü integrieren etc.



30.07.08, 17:04

achso, der is leider auch nicht open. Welcher Client ist denn Open, wo man das machen könnte oder woran seit ihr denn gerade am arbeiten?

30.07.08, 17:17

achso, der is leider auch nicht open. Welcher Client ist denn Open, wo man das machen könnte oder woran seit ihr denn gerade am arbeiten?

Doch, der Deluge ist open. :wink:

Und gearbeitet wird eigentlich immer an irgendwas. :wink:



30.07.08, 17:23
ah, jetzt verstehe ich wie du das meintest :biggrin:. Wäre bei dem ja nicht schlecht, der ist ja für alle System, zieht hoffentlich nicht so viel wie Azureus. Bei dem geht auch 0 upload. Wäre doch was feines :smile:. Wenn ichs könnte, würde ich es ja selber machen. aber leider hab ich keine Ahnung vom Coden, würde es aber gerne können :biggrin:.

25.10.08, 18:44
Deluge 1.0.3

Deluge 1.0.3 (18 October 2008)
* Fix upnp - it should work on more routers now too
* Fix issue where Deluge would send improper stats to the tracker after a
* Fix issue where fastresume files would be rejected when using FAT32. This
would cause the torrent to be rechecked on every startup.
* Fix ip filtering

* Re-add the "Max Connections Per Second" option with a default setting of 20

* Fix White template for Opera

* Deluge will now use a system libtorrent library if available.
* The build system will no longer build libtorrent if a system library is

Download (http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php)

17.12.08, 13:38
wie ich in letzter zeit auf den Trackern sehen konnte, ist der auf vielen Trackern erlaubt, wäre vielleicht was fürn ne Leecher-version.

17.12.08, 14:14
klar währe möglich...ist aber so gesehen einfach totale zeitverschwendung. am ende hätte man einfach ne leecher version die sich nicht großartig vom azureus unterscheidet.
deluge frisst zwar etwas weniger ressourcen, hat dafür aber noch zahlreiche (teils sehr nervende) bugs. somit würde ich eigentlich den azureus eher bevorzugen...

17.12.08, 14:53
dann lohnt sich das ja echt nicht...

05.02.09, 11:16
Deluge 1.1.1

Deluge 1.1.1 - (24 January 2009)
* Fix oldstateupgrader for those upgrading from 0.5.x
* Fix setting Peer TOS byte
* Fix setting outgoing ports

* Fix opening links from Help menu and others
* Fix remembering sorted column in the torrent list
* Fix saving Files tab and Peers tab state
* Disable popup notification in preferences on Windows
* Fix crashing in AddTorrentDialog when removing torrents from the list
* Do not allow duplicate torrents in the AddTorrentDialog

Download (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/1.1.0/deluge-1.1.0-32.msi)

05.02.09, 20:07
Version 1.1.2 still unavailable for Windows. Latest is 1.1.0

Deluge 1.1.3 - (In Development)
* Fix issue when initializing gettext that would prevent deluge from starting
* Fix logging exceptions when starting the daemon

Deluge 1.1.2 - (31 January 2009)
* Fix issue where torrents get stuck Checking

* Fix #761 use proper theme colours in sidebar
* Fix saving files/peers tab state when no column is sorted

Windows 32-bit Installer (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/1.1.0/deluge-1.1.0-32.msi)

07.04.09, 21:01
Deluge 1.1.6 - (06 April 2009)

Core ¶

* Fix udp trackers being classified as DHT source
* Fix #855 force a resume on a torrent if a 'Force Recheck' is initiated
* Fix #862 deluged crash when access http://localhost:58846

GtkUI ¶

* Fix displaying torrents with non-utf8 encodings in add torrent dialog

WebUI ¶

* Fix #870 use proper config location for loading ssl cert

Misc ¶

* Add OpenSSL exception to license



07.04.09, 21:04

Turn off your caps lock :wink:

You may see a Halite leecher mod in the future, who knows... it was possible for Shareaza. It's indeed a good idea specially since the client is fast and it uses little resources, just like uTorrent.

01.05.09, 19:59
Deluge 1.1.7

Deluge 1.1.8 - (In Development) ¶
Core ¶

* Fix pause all/resume all

GtkUI ¶

* Fix high cpu usage when displaying speeds in titlebar

Deluge 1.1.7 - (25 April 2009) ¶
Core ¶

* Fix issue where cannot resume torrent after doing a 'Pause All'
* Add workaround for 'address_v4 from unsigned long' bug experienced by users with 64-bit machines. This bug is fixed in libtorrent 0.14.3.

GtkUI ¶

* Fix #883 segfault if locale is not using UTF-8 encoding
* Fix for adding torrents with invalid filename encodings
* Fix displaying IPv6 peers in the Peers tab
* Fix starting the daemon in OS X
* Fix loading improperly created torrents with mismatched encodings
* Fix displaying improper progress when creating torrent

Windows ¶

* Fix freezing in create torrent dialog
* Fix creating torrents in Windows
* Fix free space check

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/2843/delugedownload.gif (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.1.7-win32-setup.exe)

24.05.09, 01:54
Deluge 1.1.8 - (21 May 2009)

Core ¶

* Fix pause all/resume all
* Torrent name is now changed when the root folder or file is renamed

GtkUI ¶

* Fix high cpu usage when displaying speeds in titlebar
* Fix showing non-utf8 encoded torrents in add torrent dialog -- this adds an additional dependency on chardet.
* Fix exception when timing out trying to send notification email
* Set some sane defaults for peers/file tabs column widths

WebUI ¶

* Fix starting when -l option is used

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/2843/delugedownload.gif (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.1.8-win32-setup.exe)

16.06.09, 21:02
Deluge 1.1.9

· Only move a torrent due to 'move on complete' when some data has been downloaded
· Update libtorrent for CVE-2009-1760
· Fix #950 renaming a parent folder into multiple folders
· Fix remote torrent add

Download (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.1.9-win32-setup.exe)

29.01.10, 10:05
Huge Deluge Change log

Deluge 1.2.1

* Fix #1128 Show an error dialog when unable to start a 'deluged' process
* Increased max enterable download / upload limit to 60000 KiB/s

* Fix hanging when using commands from the command-line

Deluge 1.2.0 - "Bursting like an infected kidney" (10 January 2010)
* Fix file renaming
* Fix tracker host filtering (Closes #1106)
* Fix exceptions when gettext/locale cannot be initialized properly
* Change share ratio calculation to use the total done instead of the all time downloaded value. This change will make the share ratio calculation not use data downloaded in failed hash checks.
* Fix torrent info name not being utf-8 decoded when root file/folder name is blank

* Fix #1104, #735 use path.utf-8 if available
* Fix #1114 test active port not working in classic mode

* Fix #1115 not showing usage for the 'debug' command
* Fix #1116 not being able to use command aliases when not connected to a daemon
* Fix #1117 can't use the '3' key

* Fix displaying folders in the add torrent dialog
* Fix displaying the new release dialog

* Fix blocklist status icon not opening the blocklist preference page in certain locales
* Fix blocklist not recognising comments that begin with whitespace
* Minor speedup in parsing blocklists
* Blocklist now attempts to download the URL multiple times before giving up
* Fix blocklist not being able to open zipped blocklists with python 2.5

* Put the default password in the manpage.

Deluge 1.2.0_rc5 (17 December 2009)

* Swap order of buttons in Remove window (Closes #1083)
* Change the compressed js script to deluge-all.js to avoid naming conflicts on case-sensitive filesystems.
* Apply patch from adios fixing the cookie date
* Add tooltips to the statusbar items
* Add disk usage to the statusbar
* Add a ToggleField? widget and use this on the Downloads preferences page allowing the movecom/copytorrent/autoadd boxes to be enabled.
* Fix enabling plugins.
* Implement installing plugins.
* Update some icons
* Fixed #1075 (changing priority on a whole folder doesn't work)

* Attempt to register as the default magnet uri handler in GNOME on startup
* Properly show 100.00% and reduce number of progress bar updates during a torrent creation
* Fix crash in Windows when creating a torrent
* Add button to Other preferences to associate magnet links with Deluge
* Fix uploading plugins when the daemon is not localhost
* Fix #692 no longer require tray password when quitting from the tray icon while the window is visible.
* Fix #782 do not ask for tray password when window is not minimized to tray
* Fix #1036 autoconnecting to localhost daemon on start-up
* Fix issue where hosts will show up erroneously as Offline
* Add #891 remove torrents by pressing the Delete key
* Fix issue where stoping a daemon that you aren't connected to causes the gtkui to shutdown the currently connected daemon.
* Fix #594 tray password dialog freeze in Windows
* Made the password dialog prettier
* Fix #1086 deprecated gtk.Tooltips usage
* Fix #768 save tracker list for create torrent dialog
* Fix #1095 incorrect piece size used when using some non-English languages

* Fix using the console in Windows, but only in command-line mode
* Fix #823 setting config values to -1.0

* Fix #1085 only use ints for specific options to prevent unhandled exception

* Use the move_completed path if it is different to the save path in the completed event.

* Fix the upload_plugin rpc method (was still using XML-RPC stuff)
* Fix possible exception when upgrading from a 0.5 state file
* Use metavar to modify the help output by optparse.
* Partial fix for #1103 if the per-torrent option for stopping at a ratio has been unchecked, then do not stop it at the global setting.

* Fix blocklist not working for all locales
* Fix blocklist checking for updates when it shouldn't

Deluge 1.2.0_rc4 (24 November 2009)

* Fix deleting old .fastresume files with fresh configs
* Fix files list when using magnet uris
* Fix loading the saved metadata when loading state with magnet uris

* Fix showing the 'Other' speed dialogs in Windows
* Fix adding torrents from the Queued Torrents dialog
* Fix disabling/enabling plugins after switching daemons
* Reduce height of Add Torrent Dialog by ~80 pixels
* Fix #1071 issue where Deluge will fail to start if there is a stale ipc lockfile
* Fix autoconnecting to the next host in the list if the selected one isn't available
* Fix endless loop when trying to autoconnect to an offline daemon
* Fix exception on startup when the system tray icon is not enabled
* Fix issue where some torrents with special characters could not be added
* Fix issues adding magnet uris

* Fix installing the deluge-web manpage
* Escape hyphens in the manpage

* Escape hyphens in the manpage
* Make the delete key work
* Allow ~ to be used in the path in the add command
* Allow commands that are .pyc files to be used
* Fix printing info, help, etc.. on the command line

* Force blocklist to auto-detect format when a download / import is forced
* Fix blocklist failing on certain PeerGuardian/SafePeer? lists

Deluge 1.2.0_rc3 (01 November 2009)

* Fix #1047 move completed does not work if saving to non default path
* Fix renamed files not being utf-8 encoded
* Fix torrent name being blank when renaming root folder to /
* Do not include an 'announce-list' key in torrents when there is only one tracker

* Replace & with & in the details tab to ensure there are no markup errors
* Consider 0 unlimited when displaying limits in the statusbar
* Fix adding torrents when not showing the add torrent dialog in Windows
* Fix crash when removing multiple torrents

* Fix #1046 changing auto managed via the details tab
* Fix setting torrent options when adding
* Fix setting file priorities when adding
* HTML escape the field values on the details tab
* Fix #215, make infinite eta values display in the correct order
* Fix displaying the protocol upload speed
* Fix #990, showing 0 as a limit when it means unlimited in the statusbar

* Fix displaying non-ascii strings
* Fix #1052 crash when issuing commands while not connected to a daemon
* Fix crash when string length makes line longer than terminal width
* Improve 'info' command draw speed

Deluge 1.2.0_rc2 (25 October 2009)

* Fix path errors when adding torrents externally in Windows
* Fix localclient authentication by stripping the lines read from the auth file
* Do not try to call doIteration() on the reactor if it has already stopped
* Fix 'autostart localhost if needed' option
* Fix starting plugins when the pluginmanager is started
* Fix #799 translate connection status
* Fix #215 ETA sort order

* Fix saving torrent state on fresh configs

* Fix changing of the allocation in the preferences.
* Fix updating the Connection Manager when a host is added.
* Add a --fork option to allow forking the webui to the background
* Fix the statusbar menu limits
* Fix setting the torrent options via the options tab
* Fix the private flag in the options tab

* Fix exception when using the 'halt' command

* Add man pages for deluge-console, deluge-gtk and deluge-web

* Fix issue where the plugin would not stop extracting files after being disabled
* Add option to create torrent name sub-folders in extract folder

Deluge 1.2.0_rc1 (07 October 2009)

* Implement new RPC protocol DelugeRPC replacing XMLRPC
* Move to a twisted framework
* Add an 'Error' filter for Trackers to show trackers that currently have a tracker error
* Use system GeoIP database if available, this is now an optional dependency

* Remove SignalReceiver?
* Implemented a cross-platform IPC method thus removing the DBUS dependency
* Implement a "True" Classic Mode where there is no longer a separate daemon process
* Add preferences option "Add torrent in paused state"
* Add tracker icons to the Tracker column
* Implement #259 show tooltip with country name in the peers tab
* Add an error category to the tracker sidebar list
* Add Find More Plugins button to Plugins preference page
* Fix #518 remove header in add torrent dialog to save vertical space
* Add a Cache preferences page to adjust cache settings and examine cache status
* Add ability to rename files prior to adding them
* Fix shutdown handler with GNOME session manager
* Allow 4 MiB piece sizes when creating a torrent

* Changed to use curses for a more interactive client

* Move over to using Twisted-Web for the webserver.
* Move to only AJAX interface built upon Ext-JS.

* Add Scheduler plugin
* Add Extractor plugin

* PyGTK dependency bumped to => 2.12 to use new tooltip system
* Add new scripts for invoking UIs: deluge-gtk, deluge-web, deluge-console
* Remove GeoIP database from the source tree

Deluge Download site:

29.01.10, 16:51
Huge Deluge Change log

And what do we do with huge quotes? Put them between SPOILER tags.

23.02.10, 13:30
Deluge 1.2.1

February 20, 2010

UPDATE: There was a bug in the webui that caused it to not load in Windows. This has been fixed and repackaged as deluge-1.2.1-win32-setup-2.exe. Please use this installer if you want a working webui in Windows.

This release depends upon libtorrent 0.14.9. The reason for this dependency change is because there was a bug in previous versions of libtorrent that could cause Deluge to over-download in some circumstances. This issue has been resolved in libtorrent 0.14.9 along with a change in how it reports the downloaded value to trackers when announcing to trackers and is now identical to how uTorrent does it.

There are also a few minor bug-fixes and a translation update with this release.

ReleaseNotes/1.2.1 ? Deluge (http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/1.2.1)

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/2843/delugedownload.gif (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.2.1-win32-setup-2.exe)

26.03.10, 17:50
Deluge 1.2.2

March 19, 2010

NOTE: There was an issue with the first Windows installer where libglade wasn't properly included. This prevented the gtkui from starting. I have uploaded a new installer and the original filename has been linked to it.

Not too many changes in this release, just a few minor bug-fixes and translation updates. This will likely be the final release in the 1.2 series as we move forward with 1.3 development. For the Windows users, I've updated the installer to install the latest GTK+ runtime library which should help out with Windows 7 compatibility.

Change Log

Core ¶

* Fix #1109 auto add halting when a torrent with invalid filename encoding is in the directory

GtkUI ¶

* Fix #1162 problem with the queued torrents dialog from not properly adding to the add torrent dialog if set to auto add
* Fix #1172 notify startup complete when adding torrents externally
* Fix issue where the gtkui sometimes won't start if there is a stale lock file or socket in the ipc/ directory.

Console ¶

* Fix #1143 deluge-console crashes when tab-completing not-existent directory

http://www.deluge-torrent.org/images/deluge-download.gif (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.2.2-win32-setup-2.exe)

28.08.10, 14:10
Deluge 1.30 RC2

Deluge 1.3.0-rc2 (20 August 2010)

* Fix tracker_icons failing on windows
* Fix #1302 an uncaught exception in an state_changed event handler in SessionProxy? was preventing the TorrentManager?'s stop method from properly saving all the resume data
* Fix issue with SessionProxy? not updating the torrent status correctly when

get_torrent_status calls take place within the cache_expiry time

* #1307: Fix not being able to add torrents
* #1293: Fix not being able to add paths that contain backslashes


* Fix uncaught exception when closing deluge in classic mode


* #1306: Fix always executing last event


* Fix being able to remove labels in web ui


* #1319: Fix shift selecting in file trees

Deluge 1.3.0-rc1 (08 May 2010)

* Implement #1063 option to delete torrent file copy on torrent removal - patch from Ghent
* Implement #457 progress bars for folders
* Implement #1012 httpdownloader supports gzip decoding
* #496: Remove deprecated functions in favour of get_session_status()
* #1112: Fix renaming files in add torrent dialog
* #1247: Fix deluge-gtk from hanging on shutdown
* #995: Rewrote tracker_icons
* Add AutoAdd? plugin
* Add Notifications plugin


* Use new SessionProxy? class for caching torrent status client-side
* Use torrent status diffs to reduce RPC traffic


* Implement local blocklist support
* #861: Pause transfers until blocklist is imported
* Fix redirection not working with relative paths


* Fix running commands with the TorrentAdded? event
* Fix the web interface


* Fix the web interface (#733)


* Migrate to ExtJS 3.1
* Add gzip compression of HTTP data to the server
* Improve the efficiency of the TorrentGrid? with lots of torrents (#1026)
* Add a base parameter to allow reverse proxying (#1076)
* Fix showing all the peers in the details tab (#1054)
* Fix uploading torrent files in Opera or IE (#1087)
* Complete IE support

Download (http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Download)

25.09.10, 10:37
Deluge 1.3.0

Deluge 1.3.0 (18 September 2010)


* Fix issue where the save_timer is cancelled when it's not active
* Fix unhandled exception when adding a torrent to the session
* Moved xdg import so it is not called on Windows, where it is unused. fixes #1343
* Fix key error after enabling a plugin that introduces a new status key
* Ignore global stop ratio related settings in logic, so per torrent ones are used.
* Ensure preferencesmanager only changes intended libtorrent session settings.
* Fix issue when adding torrents without a 'session'. This can happen when a plugin adds a torrent, like how the AutoAdd? plugin works. The user that adds this torrent will be an empty string.
* Add TorrentFileCompleted? event


* Increase max piece size to 8 MiB in create torrent dialog (closes #1358)


* Add max active downloading and seeding options to scheduler.
* Fix scheduler so that it keeps current state, even after global settings change.


* AutoAdd? plugin can now recover when one of the watchfolders has an unhandled exception.
* Fix bug in AutoAdd? plugin where watchdirs would not display in gtkui when first enabled.
* Fix bugs with unicode torrents in AutoAdd? plugin.

Download (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.3.0-win32-setup.exe/)

01.11.10, 11:04
Deluge 1.3.1

- #1369: Fix non-ascii config folders not working in windows

- #1365: Fix sidebar not updating show/hide trackers
- #1247: Fix hang on quit

- #1364: Fix preferences not saving when the web ui plugin is enabled in classic mode
- #1377: Fix bug when enabling plugins
- #1370: Fix issues with preferences
- #1312: Fix deluge-web using 100% CPU


25.05.11, 22:21

#1527: Fix Converting unicode to unicode error in move_storage
#1373: Fix creating and moving non-ascii folder names in MS Windows
#1507: Fix temporary file race condition in core/core.py:add_torrent_url
Fix a bug that can occur when upgrading 1.1 config files
#1517: Fix isohunt urls not loading
Handle redirection when adding a torrent by url
#1614: Fix autoadd matching a directory called "torrent"
#1742: Fix failure in Event handler prevents further emissions


#1514: Added Indicator Applet
#1494: Add torrent columns Downloaded and Uploaded
#1308: Add torrent column Seeds/Peers ratio
#1646: Add torrent columns for per torrent upload and download speed limits
Add missing icons for Trackers filter
Fix inconsistancies in the text for translation
#1510: Fix cannot create a torrent with only non-zero tier trackers
#1513: Fix unhandled Twisted Error in test_listen_port
#690: Fix renaming folders does not remove old empty folders
#1336: Fix uneeded horizontal scrollbar showing in Files & Peers Tab
#1508: Fix TypeError? in cell_data_queue() could not convert argument to correct param type
#1498: Fix double slashes appearing when renaming
#1283: Fix consistent icons for Files tab
#1282: Text for AutoManaged? changed to 'On/Off' and localized
Fix Up/Down buttons in Edit Trackers Dialog
Add Key Shortcuts for main menu functions


#1194: Fix infinite login prompt in web ui through reverse proxy
#1355: Fix slow changing states in webUI
#1536: Fix Edit Trackers window not scrolling and not being resizable
#1799: Fix Missing textbox for "Move completed" in torrent options
#1562: Fix Javascript error in Web UI when re-opening preferences
#1567: Fix js from plugins does not work with different 'base' setting
#1268: Fix torrent errors not displayed in webui
#1323: Fix filter panels not scrollable
Fix file uploads from behind a reverse proxy.
#1333: Fix peer list doesn't update automatically
#1537: Fix editing trackers list, trackers have to be reselected


#755: Fix can't set listen_ports through console UI
#1500: Fix Console crashes on command longer than terminal width
#1248: Fix deluge-console unicode support on redirected stdout
Fix for deluge-console not adding torrent files on MS Windows
#1450: Fix trailing white space in paths
Misc: Updated help text for deluge-console on MS Windows
#1484: Fix trying to access the screen object when not using interactive mode
#1548: Fix cli argument processing
#1856: Add --sort option to info command
#1857: Add seeding_time, active_time and tracker_status to info command


#1506: Fix max speed not restored on a yellow->green transition

Windows installer:XP, Vista, 7 (http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/?C=M;O=D)

Other OS (http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Download)

19.09.18, 11:24
Deluge 1.3.15

May 12, 2017

A bug fix release that resolves a few issues introduced in 1.3.14 along with other minor fixes.

Network Proxy Settings:

Since libtorrent 0.16 there has only been a single proxy that applies to all types (Peer, web, etc.) so to prevent bugs with accidentally unsetting the proxy values Deluge now only sets a single proxy but mirrors the settings from peer type to the other proxy types for user display only to show that proxy is enabled for all connections. In the GTKUI this means that the other types are greyed out and will be unable to be set. This is a stopgap measure for 1.3 code and is properly fixed for 2.0 release.

Deluge WebUI:

Highly recommended to upgrade to this release as it contains a directory traversal security fix that once again has the real potential to compromise your machine.

Windows OS:

The dialog button locations will now be uniform across the application. A proper fix to copy the Windows OS button placement will be implemented for 2.x release. See #3012
There is a confirmed shutdown bug with the standalone client (classic mode) so before shutting down or logging off on Windows, either ensure Deluge is closed or run in thinclient mode. See #3011

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