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25.08.11, 12:37

Site: You Are The Scene
URL: http://youarethescene.net (http://youarethescene.net/)
Signups: Invite Only
Category: Music
Number of Users: ??
Number of Releases: 17,565
Info: One click host site



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26.08.11, 00:14
A listing of genres of music would definitely help. For all we know,all the scene music on that site is about gay men making music about love, life, and fantasying about male genetilia. Or worse yet, maybe even 'Lord Tunaki'<-----you know who that is??

Also, how long has this site been online?? I've never come across it. Unless I missed it, I didn't see anything on FSF or on FileNetWorks Blog. Also, I like the fact that it's a one-click hosting site. It surely illustrates that there's more to waffles and what out there ( mentioning those since they're the biggest music sites who also have scene music too).

And what I admire is the hardwood floor background it has. Perhaps that's customizable from within....IDK. Nevertheless, it's one of my favorite background scenes as I don't preferf dark and glossy looks that some sites might have. I never came across a P2P sharing site that uses Word Press. That's new. At least I find it is. And the "Welcome Board' looks uncluttered. Easy to navigate. I like it.

26.08.11, 00:33
It offers mainly Rock, pop, punk, metal those types of things.
It has been around for 3-5 years.

27.08.11, 02:42
A Word press one click host site with 17,565 releases sounds like and interesting site to join.

Great work,keep on with the innovative sites reviews!

27.12.11, 20:07
Seems they are open for Christmas time only

Current Notice: Merry Christmas everyone! The site is only open for Christmas time, and probably leave it open till first of the year want an account please go here: Bienvenue sur Facebook. Connectez-vous, inscrivez-vous ou découvrez*! (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=178266442906&ref=ts)
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02.01.12, 04:30
19k releases as of now

05.01.16, 14:40
site Shutdown