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25.08.11, 10:07

Site: It-Leaked
URL: It-Leaked.com (http://www.it-leaked.com)
Signups: Invite Only
Category: Music
Number of Users: ~17,000
Number of Releases: ~50,000
Info: One click host site

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Download Page



25.08.11, 16:36
I got it :D

Huh? Surprising to see such a particular post from an established community fellow. Seems like spam, nonetheless I guess you have an explanation :gwink:

25.08.11, 16:44
You can see that I edited the post. Just click on "Last edited by THC" and you'll see why. ;) You can trash it if you like. My bad :D

25.08.11, 16:57
You can see that I edited the post. Just click on "Last edited by THC" and you'll see why. ;)

that dös only work for mods but no problem :happy:

26.08.11, 00:21
Does that mean you're on it? ;)

26.08.11, 01:38
So, what kind of music does this offer?

26.08.11, 01:59
It offers mainly rock, pop, punk, metal, hardcore, electronic and some rap and hiphop.
This site has been up and running for about 4-5 years now.
They offer advances, leaks, scene releases and anything in between.

27.08.11, 03:34
A long time ago I ask in this forum what kind of site was it-leaked,
if I'm not mistaken,someone told me
that was a private forum and surprise it's a private bittorrent tracker,ohhh ,
by the way nice stats ,thanks for this review!

27.08.11, 03:48
It's not, it's OCH Link Site. :P

27.08.11, 04:22
Comically Missing the Point - Television Tropes & Idioms (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CompletelyMissingThePoint) :unsure:

27.08.11, 17:34
It's not, it's OCH Link Site. :P

Comically Missing the Point - Television Tropes & Idioms (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CompletelyMissingThePoint) :unsure:

LOL ,sorry guys! and thanks for your answers.

So this is a one click hosting site with nice content and private community,nice design :lol:

24.03.12, 01:13
I just went to the URL for this site and for sure it is invite only. Currently (and for a limited time only), one can get into this OCH via a donation. That is most definitely not new to sites that dream of becoming some kind of SCC-type of place (maybe IT-Leaked has some kind of affiliation with that kind of status?? I don't know and I guess it doesn't matter right now). Personally, I think it's kind of a shame because I am sure that uploaders on IT-Leaked would like to make money from their filesharing accounts through the users using those download links. Having newly released stuff is good. So is maybe content that might not be new. I always find that when I visit a DDL site, the file sharing links are not always alive. And so when some of those links are dead, it certainly does help to have an alternative site to go to.

I don't know how many users there are currently other than the above stated 17000 users and about 50000 files (I'm sure that has changed somewhat), but it some what has me curious to become a user there and maybe others too; however, on the other hand I can see and totally understand why a site like this one here wants to remain invite only. To keep unwanted users from to none to friendly agencies or groups infiltrating this site and then having the evidence for a warrant to take the site down. Along with all the file sharing links and/or associated accounts.

03.03.14, 19:51
Is it closed ?

03.03.14, 21:03
Is it closed ?

Dead site

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