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23.11.10, 23:31
Didn't found topic for it so start one may be because its too long time from last version anyway :


BitLord1.2beta (http://www.bitlord.com/BitLord1.2%20beta-2july.exe)

24.11.10, 01:14
Didn't found topic for it

Well, Butcho did a leecher pack for it long ago.

Other than that, nothing.

Anyway, wasn't this an old and rebranded BitComet core?

24.11.10, 10:21
And it's banned on almost every tracker nowadays.

24.11.10, 19:24
Anyway, wasn't this an old and rebranded BitComet core?

May i know that before but i forget thanks for remind me.

And it's banned on almost every tracker nowadays.

No problem about that,let's see what happens with next version.

28.11.10, 00:20
Can you provide a source of your information about beta and what about new versions?

28.11.10, 11:40
BitLord - The Ultimate Torrent Downloader (http://www.bitlord.com/)

28.11.10, 20:38
Official site doesn't have any news and information about beta.

28.11.10, 23:50
Official site doesn't have any news and information about beta.

What about the big blue header :huh: ?


29.11.10, 00:09
Oh, sorry, i've Adblock Plus enabled. :D

03.02.13, 05:12
BitLord 2.2 is out.
BitLord - the easiest torrent downloader (http://www.bitlord.com/)

14.12.13, 02:09

Advised by thepiratebay :biggrin: but the main size 34MB :rolling_eyes:



BitLord 2.0 (5/10/11)
-In this release we have fixed several bugs and improved the browser stability. A big improvement is that you can view torrent comments before you download.
-As you might have noticed already we have rolled out a Safety feature to let you decide if the torrent you are about to download is safe or not. The scale goes from -10 to 10. Pay attention to this score and read comments, this should make it very safe to download torrents through BitLord.
-One important new feature is our tracker adder, this is automatic. Basically what it does is add more trackers to your torrents if we know about any. This is very effective and can make torrents much healthier.
-We have now moved over to the 2.0 product line. This means you have to uninstall BitLord 1.2 if you do not want to have two versions of BitLord on your machine. Uninstalling BitLord 1.2 will only remove the program, all your downloads will still be available inside BitLord 2.0.

Have fun with the new version

BitLord 2.1 out – speed baby! (30/04/12)
-An important new version of BitLord for Windows is finally here and it is packing some hot air balloon super turbo boosters. We have improved on many speed related parts, making downloading much quicker for most users.
-Also in this upgrade we have improved the browser and made several bug fixes.
-For the next release we will be working on the user interface, so expect a prettier BitLord soon :D

BitLord 2.1.1 – mooore speed! (26/05/12)
-Once again we improve the speed for some users and we now hope most users will be able to download super fast.
--Other improvements include:
-New look for download progress bar.
-Improved browser user interface. It now takes less space.
-Better New Tab option for browser + bug fixes related to the browser.
-General bug fixes.

BitLord 2.2 (21/11/12)
-Both the Windows and OSX version has gotten a new look. We have tried to make it look friendly and colourful, unlike most applications going safe with gray colours everywhere. Hope you all like it.
-We also did some changes to the user interface. Removing the top buttons now means you will have to control your torrents by a dedicated “control panel” for each torrent. We managed to make this without using more space by putting it where the progress bar is. The effect is a much cleaner look at the top with more focus on searching. It is also still possible to control batch torrents by right clicking of course.
-Windows 8 is now fully supported, there was only a few problems we had to fix to make everything work.
-Check out the new Top List feature to see what torrents are currently the most active in the torrent universe! This should be a really hot new feature :)
-Many other smaller changes have been made so download it and have fun!

BitLord 2.3-193 (15/03/13)
-Added a built-in media player.
-Ability to add Playlists of video and audio files – just drag and drop torrents.
-Improvements to the user interface.
-Browser tabs are always visible, so when you have done a search you will always see the results tab until you close the tab.
-New icons.
-Added buttons to search the Web and our Usenet.
-Many bug fixes and improvements.

BitLord 2.3.1-198 (9/04/13)
-A small update to fix minor bugs.
-This update will not be pushed inside the program due to its low importance.

BitLord 2.3.1-213 (8/05/13)
-This version removes Flash from BitLord’s browser. It was causing the browser to hang. We will be working on implementing HTML5 for viewing videos.
-We also improved the Add Torrents window. We made it simpler and prettier.
-Lots of minor fixes.

BitLord 2.3.2 (12/07/13)
-We just released the newest version of BitLord 2.3.2 with added Streaming support. So now you can stream torrents before they are 100% downloaded.
-This is an early test of our streaming capability and we are still working on improving it. So sometimes playing files that are not fully downloaded will not work well. Hope you’ll have fun playing around with it.

BitLord 2.3.2-245 (27/08/13)
-We have improved the streaming capability for .mp4 files. They are the hardest files to stream because it requires to download a bit of the end as well as the beginning of the file to start.
-Many small bug fixes.