View Full Version : best way to cheat file sharers?

04.10.10, 02:32
I hate signing up to rapidshare and megaupload... I have heard there is a program that downloads from all of the filesharers, but you hafta buy it, I think it just uses proxy mostly.
Anyone know of a good program to bypass signing up or wait restrictions?

04.10.10, 02:52
there are some premium link generators but that's not exactly the same as a premium account.
the best legal option to make it less painless is using jdownloader afaik

04.10.10, 12:46
I agree witrh the previous post, Jdownloader is simply awesome, especially if you're going to handle several files from several sources.

04.10.10, 13:27
RDesc and reconnect scripts <3

By the way, there are countless threads and posts about this. Please search before you create new ones.