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24.06.07, 23:11
SB-Innovation Presents

>>>>>> DCPlusPlus Stealth 0.56 fix <<<<<<

Coded by:

>>>>>> ? <<<<<<


>>>>>> Snakedoctor <<<<<<

Changelog / Features:


- Slot locking
- Fake Share
- Fake File-list (use someone else list)
- Fake Version
- Fake hub-count



01.01.08, 17:46
kommt man mit diesem mod auf alle hubs?

24.09.08, 14:15
with password?:rolleyes2:

24.09.08, 14:17
with password?:rolleyes2:

just hit the thanks button and you will see the password

24.09.08, 14:28
I normally use dc++ 0.699
in which favourite hub properties.. doesnt have any client identification option
so after connecting to a hub,it says

[18:01] <-Hub-> YnHub version: 1.033 produced by Yoshi and Nev.
[18:01] <-Hub-> Your client didn't supply a description tag, currently this isn't allowed
so what to i fill in this one??
snapshot (http://i34.tinypic.com/2pt47ih.jpg)

24.09.08, 20:19
This hack is based on an old version of DC++, therefore hubs may have blocked it:

all clients report what version they are to the hub, and some clients are not allowed in some hubs due to hacked clients.... its best to just use DC++ and make sure you are in active mode by adding your ip address into the "settingsconnection settings" tab

if you are using the propper DC++ then the only other thing it could mean is the description in the "settingspersonal information" tab, make sure you put a short description of what you share

24.09.08, 20:22
yeah i learned how to use it...
its silly to post the problems without exploring the features.

24.09.08, 20:33
I was just telling you why this version sometimes doesn't work...
If you were talking about the official version instead, you shouldn't have posted that here, but in a new thread, at most...

24.09.08, 21:08
no there is an option in the mod to change emulate any version..so i just typed 0.699 and it worked

24.09.08, 21:54
OK, glad you've found how to successfully enter the hub. :smile:
I thought you were talking about the official DC++, sorry :redface:

25.09.08, 04:11
they caught the fake share

You are still temporarily banned for another 00 : 10 : 00 (Hammering will keep resetting your ban) because: - Fake share - Shared 100000000000 B

25.09.08, 13:08
I have to say that DC++ is probably the only where I don't cheat :biggrin:

25.09.08, 20:39
they caught the fake share

Exactly a hundred thousand million bytes is a very round figure and easy to detect, you should use a more random number like 141948840311.

25.09.08, 21:33
okey, ichanged it to a random number and it worked
thanks anon

i cant download filelists and files from many users,
it says file not available

edit by hitman: use the edit button!

25.09.08, 21:57
Remember this hack is based on a very old version of DC++, so it may not be compatible with newer ones.

26.09.08, 13:53
It's also easily detectable ..... so .....i council you not to use it.. but keep it as a part of trade :wink2:

26.09.08, 15:37
Why do you say it's detectable? Because of being old and its methods well-known?

Other newer mods are "DC++ 0.695 cracked", StrongDC Stealth Edition and NwN's ApexDC.

27.09.08, 14:03
Why do you say it's detectable? Because of being old and its methods well-known?

Other newer mods are "DC++ 0.695 cracked", StrongDC Stealth Edition and NwN's ApexDC.

Detectable because there are method in order to detect stelth client , and this is very old and easily detectable , at now the new client are based on dc++ 0.705 and are all multidownload

Master Razor
31.10.09, 21:00
Any news on this? Couldn't you guys update the program?

31.10.09, 21:01
No, since we don't have the source code. There should be newer mods, though.

Master Razor
31.10.09, 21:05
You know... I always wondered how you're able to post this fast. A couple of seconds after my post.

31.10.09, 22:30
gibt es überhaupt noch einen aktuellen client für dc ??