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25.12.07, 19:24
Aktuelle Version: BitSpirit

Main features:

* Clean interface
* Multiple simultaneous downloads
* Disk cache mechanism
* Fast job resume
* File selecting support
* Powerful file manager
* UPnP port-mapping
* Instant Messaging support
* Gzip Data compression
* Speed control
* Scheduled downloading
* Torrent Market
* Shutdown computer when job done
* HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
* High speed
* Very low CPU & Mem usage

Download of all versions...


18.09.08, 20:12

Download of all versions


04.12.08, 20:59

Download of all versions


30.12.08, 21:54

Improvement: increase task list "task to add time" in order to sort tasks;
Amendments: amendments in some systems, when installed under the directory in the Chinese can not use the "edge download edge play" functionality;
Fixed: Several versions of the amendment before the lapse of time is too long not to receive the other goods

BitSpirit (http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/9850c0f9fc83f9325a92814c60afb945/495a89d6/100007095/software/INTERNET/SHARING/BitSpiritCN.exe)

08.02.09, 07:28
This is new beta version. Many fixed and improved, and only have Chinese update log so far.:rolleyes:


and download english here:

10.02.09, 11:30
BitSpirit Beta


Download (http://www.lanspirit.net/download/bs/bsv3.3.3.118.EN.BETA.exe)

23.03.09, 10:13
BitSpirit Final

Download (http://www.lanspirit.net/download/bs/bsv3.3.2.365.EN.exe)

23.03.09, 16:40
is this a modded version or the original?

23.03.09, 17:00
All versions linked to here are the official ones. You can find modded BitSpirit clients in the "other clients" subforum.

16.07.09, 22:22
BitSpirit v3.5.0.275


[Jun 11, 2009] v3.5.0.275 Stable
Changed: Default seeding time from 12h to manual stop;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[May 25, 2009] v3.5.0.256 Stable
Fixed: BitSpirit didn’t detect the default media player under some systems;
Fixed: Avoid manipulating UPnP device frequently;
Fixed: Access violation after switching between some languages more than 5 times;
Added: Auto resumes running jobs at program startup;
Added: Customizable search box;
Changed: While seeding, (seed/peer) means seeders detected in the past 30 minutes.
Improved: Protocol Encryption related;

[May 06, 2009] v3.5.0.236 Stable
Fixed & Improved: DHT related;

[Apr 17, 2009] v3.5.0.216 Beta
Fixed: a bug related to DHT module (not serious);
Improved: Translation files updated;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[Mar 22, 2009] v3.5.0.182 Beta
v3.5.0 contains all improvements, changes and bug fixes made by v3.3.3.167, and also avec some other improvements:
Improved: Unicode support, better support for CJK languages, and better compatible with XP/Vista/Windows7, please refer to:Unicode support;
Improved: Rewritten memory manager, Better Performance;
Improved: Better support for SMP;
Improved: Optimized UI and Downloading Core, Better Performance;
Improved: Rewritten TorrentBuilder, please refer to:Create New Torrent;
Improved: Restarting BitSpirit is not required anymore after switch to another language;
Improved: Now all listview support Sort & Column-Drag, please refer to:Column Drag;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[Mar 22, 2009] v3.3.3.167 Stable
Fixed: a bug related to disk cache, which may cause the 'Preview while downloading' sometimes works poorly;
Changed: When 'ScrollLock' is toggled, Peer list doesn't update (which is 'CapsLock' toggled in previous versions);
Improved: 'Preview while downloading' support MKV;
Improved: Support Vista/Windows7 128*128 Large Icons;



17.08.09, 03:55
Very very important update, support PT now.:smile:

[Aug 13, 2009] v3.6.0.200 Stable
Coming soon...

[Jul 27, 2009] v3.6.0.135 Beta
Improved: sparse file support under NTFS format (Please refer to advanced options)
Improved: Users can set upload speed limit in case of “full speed upload upon all jobs completed”
Fixed: BitSpirit shows toolbar Icon incorrectly sometimes
Fixed: BitSpirit shows pieces’ status incorrectly sometimes
Fixed: Some other minor bugs fixed

[Jul 17, 2009] v3.6.0.126 Beta
Added: IPv6 support
Added: Private Tracker support
Added: Add new task via magnet URI support
Added: Show share ratio in task list
Added: Show available peer number in task list
Added: Show tracker list in the information window and allow manual operation
Added: Filter by filename extension support when select download files
Improved: Better disk I/O performance, download/upload smoothly over 6MB/s
Improved: Better performance on task schedule, more powerful and easier to use
Improved: The newest BT Tracker protocol support
Improved: The newest BT extend protocol support
Improved: New preference user-interface, clearer and easier to use
Improved: New and clearer information window
Improved: Support global connection limit (only support limit by each task in previous versions)
Improved: Lower memory usage in hash checking when task finished
Improved: Stop task faster
Improved: Lower memory usage when there are too many finished tasks in the task list
Improved: Lower memory usage on large size task (> 10GB) or large size piece (>4MB)
Improved: Better upload performance of super seeds
Improved Self-configure for windows firewall after version XP SP2
Fixed: DHT sometimes saves wrong port number on accepting announce
Fixed: BitSpirit sometimes doesn’t act correctly when requests refused (happen rarely)
Fixed: BitSpirit sometimes ignores the missing pieces in hash checking after task finished (happen rarely)
Fixed: Other minor bugs fixed

NOTE: BitSpirit V3.6.0 supports platform 2000SP4/XP/Vista/Win7, and XP SP2、SP3/Vista SP2/Win7 is recommended.

Waiting for Leecher pack...:top:

17.08.09, 23:39
Added: Private Tracker support

More information about this:

1, for private torrents, BitSpirit disables the Torrent Market, DHT, Peer Exchange automatically.
2, for private torrents, BitSpirit only gets seeds information from the specified tracker. When task stops, BitSpirit ensures to send stopped event to the tracker.
3, for all torrents, BitSpirit communicates with the tracker completely according to the standard BitTorrent protocol.
4, for private torrents, BitSpirit will mark it in 'Tracker Status' with (private=1).
5, for private torrents, BitSpirit always uses inherent ID for BitSpirit itself even the user custom client ID on the advanced preference page.

Source: About Private Tracker support | BitSpirit (http://www.167bt.com/en/index.php?q=node/49)

I doubt international trackers will instantly embrace BitSpirit if it didn't care about the private flag all this time, just like older versions of BitComet. (Remember BS is based on the BC core)

17.08.09, 23:41
thx for the info. I'll create a new pack the next days.
But i think i need until next weekend because i haven't much free time this week...

18.08.09, 01:39
Remember BS is based on the BC core

I think BC is based on the BS core, because BS is older than BC. :confused:

Some people said:" If u have low ID or use ADSL, BS is better."

18.08.09, 19:42
Some people said:" If u have low ID or use ADSL, BS is better."

Because of its NAT traversal feature, I guess.

26.09.09, 22:11

[Sept 26, 2009] v3.6.0.300 Stable
Improved & Fixed: Cache related;
Improved: some other minor improvements;


31.10.09, 22:26

[Oct 29, 2009] v3.6.0.315 Stable
Fixed: Category related;
Fixed: Windows 7 Compatibility;
Fixed: Some other minor bugs fixed;

BitSpirit (http://www.lanspirit.net/download/bs/bsv3.6.0.315.MU.exe)

26.11.09, 21:34
BitSpirit v3.6.0.330

[Nov 12, 2009] v3.6.0.330 Stable
Fixed: memory usage limitation doesn't work while downloading some torrents (v3.6.0 series only);



29.01.10, 10:14
BitSpirit ChangeLog

[Jan 16, 2010] v3.6.0.336 Stable
Improved: some minor improvements related to magnet URLs;

Bistpirit downloads site:
Announcements | BitSpirit (http://www.bitspirit.cc/en/index.php?q=forum/2)

24.03.10, 22:33
[Mar 23, 2010] v3.6.0.362 Stable
Added: IP2Country in peer list (please refer to: IP to Country);
Improved: local torrent files switch to relative path;
Fixed: sometimes 'Logger' behaves improperly;
Fixed: the link retrieved from the Clipboard contains a limit of 1000 chars;

Bistpirit downloads site:
Announcements | BitSpirit (http://www.bitspirit.cc/en/index.php?q=forum/2)

17.04.10, 11:51
Changelog: not yet announced:
BitSpirit ChangeLog | BitSpirit (http://www.bitspirit.cc/en/index.php?q=node/6)

Download BitSpirit v3.6.0.401 Stable:
BitSpirit v3.6.0.401 Stable released. | BitSpirit (http://www.bitspirit.cc/en/index.php?q=node/113)

20.04.10, 19:48
The missing ChangeLog:

BitSpirit ChangeLog
[Apr 17, 2010] v3.6.0.401 Stable
Added: # column added to job list view;
Added: ui.task.stopatshareratio added to 'Advanced' Options;
Improved: the mini-bar now supports batch file/link processing;
Fixed: for DHT-Enabled jobs, upload speed may exceed the upload limit (under rare circumstances);

19.05.10, 21:39
BitSpirit ChangeLog:

[May 17, 2010] v3.6.0.403 Stable
Fixed: an error related to batch link processing (added in v3.6.0.401);

Download links:
BitSpirit v3.6.0.403 Stable released. | BitSpirit (http://www.bitspirit.cc/en/index.php?q=node/123)

23.10.10, 18:15

Improved: Memory management;
Added: bt.net.limit_local_bandwidth


17.01.11, 19:14
Dec 29, 2010

Improved: Reduced memory usage while IPFilter.dat is enabled;
Fixed: problems while running on Linux & Wine;
Fixed: sometimes BOSS Key doesn't work (v3.6.0.500 only);

Download (http://www.bitspirit.cc/download/bs/bsv3.6.0.550.MU.exe)

16.03.13, 17:55
.. :( I have been using BitSpitit for ages.. it was the fastest,lighter,better-option,fully-portable.. kicked all arses at its time.. :)) now its just dead project.. sorry for that.. :P