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30.07.09, 18:46
FreeRapid is my next application after Wordrider and Damaq. It's a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services.
Simply copy and paste your links from a browser to this application. FreeRapid Downloader will handle the rest itself. No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting.

Link (http://wordrider.net/freerapid/) :thumbsup:

Go to their homepage and check the list of supported OCHs - that's a lot.

30.07.09, 19:33
I downloaded as you said just to try it out.
First I got the app installed and it says "new plugins" are available so I updated. I was like another RS downloader junk. But then I tried it and now its working 100%. I don't plan on getting premium account on RS so long as this sticks around as long as possible. I am an occasional RS user for music videos. :wink:

30.07.09, 19:33
I don't plan on getting premium account on RS so long as this sticks around as long as possible. I am an occasional RS user for music videos. :wink:

This isn't the only RS downloader :biggrin:

If Rapidshare is all you use, RSD is a very good choice, too.

30.07.09, 19:39
Yes I tried a couple of RS workabouts for years now some fail others work for a couple of times. I use the RSD btw and I had to check this one out. I think it's absurd to ruin my snatchlist with music videos that gets less snatches on trackers so that is why i use RS.

30.07.09, 19:55
With this program again I must wait 15 minutes right ?

30.07.09, 19:55
Yes, it won't magically bypass the wait times, it's just to automate downloads.

30.07.09, 20:21
For me jdownloader is best :top:

31.07.09, 12:52
when i start it, it closed immediately. I made an Update and it doesn't work anymore.


31.07.09, 17:28
And are the speeds still so slow?

31.07.09, 17:29
That depends on RS, not the download manager. So yes.

Codeman, I'll check that.

31.07.09, 17:33
So that means yes, speed sucks

31.07.09, 17:34
You can only get up to 250kB/s depending on server load, if I'm not mistaken.

31.07.09, 18:24
Well, I get this strange speed fluctuation. It downloads over 200kb/s for a sec or two, then drops down to 0 and does nothing for seconds, then again over 200kb/s and back to 0. This is really annoying. Anyone else has this problem?

31.07.09, 18:25
Happens with here too, even though I don't always peak 200kB/s. I guess you have to live with it, or buy a Premium account, lol.

31.07.09, 18:29
Damn, I was hoping it can be fixed! :mad2:
Oh well, that's why I love Megaupload, don't have a premium account, but DL speeds are to the roof!

31.07.09, 18:31
<3 MediaFire here, you can leech multiple files at full speed. :biggrin:

31.07.09, 19:21
I never did understand why everyone chose to upload to RS when you have MF which is x1000 times better easier for downloading :|

31.07.09, 19:22
Me neither, to be honest. Perhaps so that MediaFire can't get greedy and start doing the same, but RS already does!

31.07.09, 22:40
Little Hoster can support fast speed as long as there are small,
the faster they growing the slower the speed gets, because their
server are often overcharged if more and more user are using them.

in the beginning Rapidshare had also very high download rates, but since
more and more users started to use it, they limited it step by step
traffic was getting too high and they had to pay more
thats why they limited the download i think....
the same will happen with all the atm small and fast ("better" as u call them) hosters
i think no OCH can afford it forever to give free download speeds to the roof
in the end - it is all about the money...

31.07.09, 22:43
in the beginning Rapidshare had also very high download rates

Yes, I remember the good old days :') Wait times, before downloading and between downloads, which could easily be bypassed (via a bookmarklet and by changing your IP, respectively) were the only thing to worry about... times change. I guess it's a matter of having to find the "better" places, like you said, when the need arises.

01.08.09, 05:41
I prefer RS, just because its high popularity.
and because I have a premium :rolling_eyes:

01.08.09, 12:58
Just a question. Is it possible to somehow transform RS links to be MU or MF? :rolleyes2:

01.08.09, 17:41
Hahaha, no, you'd need to reupload the content. I wish it was as easy as that, too...

02.08.09, 14:16
Well I did hear that you can make RS links to be MU, but I'm not sure how and I think you need premium account for that.

02.08.09, 17:28
Me neither. If that exists, I've never heard of that.

RS Premium link generators do exist, but they come and go...