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19.04.09, 22:23
If we were to pick a favorite DDL search engine - this could be it. Quick-growing RapidShare-Search-Engine doesn't just search for indexed files, but it also digs deeper by querying into popular warez/DDL forums & blogs such as warez-bb.org and rslinks.org (to name just two). What's unique is that the results are shown in sequential order, making it an ideal solution when searching for large multi-part releases. In the event that archives are password-protected, an appropriate password will also be displayed with each source result. Other features include a Link Checker, a search plugin, and even a Firefox add-on. RSE searches both RapidShare.com and RapidShare.de, and indexes more than 4 million files.

Link (http://rapidshare-search-engine.com/) :thumbsup:

Finally a Rapidshare search engine that can also search warez boards...

19.04.09, 23:01
Rapidshare search (http://www.zoozle.org/) and RapidLibrary.com - Rapidshare Search engine (http://rapidlibrary.com/) can be good alternatives.

There are few warez boards with quality contents in them.

19.04.09, 23:29
There are few warez boards with quality contents in them.

I agree.
There are very few that are good.
I also use warez.bb as well as cyberwarez and warez.ws

I also have to say that this would seem like a pretty good search engine. I think I would really like this. Great find, anon. :smile:

20.04.09, 00:50
RS search engines, are from my experience, useless unless you want spam or viruses. You are best of joining a warez board/community and using search features from within there to find relevant links. I recommend Warez-BB, but there are many more.

20.04.09, 00:53
This one also searches in warez boards. It'll even give you the RARs' passwords, if needed. Just thought it could be useful for some since it's the first one I visit that does this.

20.04.09, 02:56
in the multi parts files , search engines aren't useful at all :(

20.04.09, 15:51
This one shows multipart RARs properly.

21.04.09, 09:31
you can install add on from firefox.

21.04.09, 19:02
That's to use RS-S-E's services directly from Firefox. Nice find. :top:

21.04.09, 19:09
good idea it looks good i think this can be helpfull

29.05.09, 02:03
this one release-search (http://www.release-search.com/) is also very good

29.05.09, 08:11
I always Use Mayoko to search of anything at Rapidshare !:wink:

Dark Knight
29.05.09, 09:40
MAYoKO ..I Also used it Earlier..Though i doubt that its not Available for free...

but I use FilesTube (www.filestube.com)

it offers much more Than just searching RaPidShare....Must have a Look on It.....