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Thread: ipfilter.dat / September 2020

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    ipfilter.dat / September 2020 hasn't published a new ipfilter.dat since July 25th, which is a bit worrying as they'd had a near-spotless record of always doing so within the first ten days of every month. Therefore, I took it upon myself to create an updated one.

    • Date of creation: September 14th, 2020
    • Includes: Bluetack's level 1 blocklist, CIDR Report's unallocated IPv4 address space, eMule Security's fake servers (Last-Modified on July 25th, 2020), eMule Security's Amazon AWS ranges (Last-Modified on April 1st, 2012), Cloudflare ranges, IANA reserved, private and multicast ranges
    • Overlapping and duplicate entries have been merged
    • Deliberately not included: "badpeers" and "rangetest" lists, as they appear to be too aggressive.
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