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Thread: "The application was unable to start correctly" Error

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    "The application was unable to start correctly" Error

    I have W10 Home on my Laptop, and I can't launch some programs because of a "the application was unable to start correctly" (0xc000007b) error.

    For now, the programs affected by this error are fxsound_13.020_setup.exe and qbittorrent-portable.exe obtained by launching qBittorrentPortable_4.2.5.paf.exe (and older versions) from

    This error doesn't occur, neither in using istallable qbittorent, nor in starting qbittorrent-portable.exe obtained by launching qbittorrent-portable-win64-4.2.5-13-setup.exe from .

    I tried some workaround found on the Web in trying to fix this error:

    I installed Microsoft visuallC++ 2015-2019 Redistribuable 14.26.28720. msvcp100.

    In windows safe mode, I put some .dll in system32 folder (mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcp100.dll, msvcp100.dll).

    And I ran an sfc /scannow in the command prompt.

    But without any success.

    Maybe it's worth noticing that mfc100.dll and mfc100u.dll weren't present at the beginning, , and that I was not allowed to put a new msvcr100_clr0400.dll in System32 folder, even in safe mode.

    Also, on an Enterprise LTSC Windows version lauched in a VM, no such errors occur when starting previous programs.

    At this point, I thing trying more workarounds tricks randomly found on the web to fix the error, could do more harm than good, which is the reason for my post.

    EDIT: An other application affected by thev same error: MediaInfo_GUI_20.03_Windows.exe
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    This is what Dependency Walker was invented for

    Also, to retain your sanity during testing, you may want to set SafeDllSearchMode to 0x0 (it's no longer disabled by default in Windows 10) in order to avoid having to copy every potentially-required DLL to system32.
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