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Thread: uBlock YouTube filters

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    uBlock YouTube filters

    Here is a list of what i used in uBlock Origin. Maybe it will help someone .

    !Remove YouTube annotations
    !Remove YouTube message "You're signed out of YouTube"'re signed out of YouTube)
    !Remove YouTube recommended videos at the end of video
    !Remove YouTube recommended videos in the playlist^Recommended/))^Recommended/))
    !Remove YouTube "Related Videos"
    ! Remove "Changes to YouTube’s Terms of Service" >
    ! Remove "A privacy reminder from YouTube" > >
    ! 8/4/2019 | A privacy reminder from Google
    ! 8/4/2019 | Looking for english results?
    ! 8/8/2019 | Youtube Join >
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    !Remove YouTube message "You're signed out of YouTube"
    There was a time when I used YouTube and most other big services with cookies disabled, which made something like this absolutely essential (I used custom CSS written by me, since uBlock and others didn't exist at the time).

    Don't forget the "try Music for Desktop free for one month" and "how is YouTube today?" popups.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."
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