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Thread: Fake Face Generator

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    Fake Face Generator

    IA is now good enough to produce almost convincing fake human faces:

    Nvidia researchers Tero Karras, Samuli Laine, and Timo Aila posted details of the method to produce completely imaginary fake faces with stunning, almost eerie, realism (here’s the paper).

    GANs employ two "dueling" neural networks to train a model to learn the nature of a dataset well enough to generate convincing fakes. When you apply GANs to images, this provides a way to generate often highly realistic still fakes you could use for extremely hard to detect social engineering attacks, especially combined with deep fake videos.

    Could be useful in creating fake identities...

    However, subtles differences remains (hair, inconsistencies/nonsense in the background, lack of symetry concerning eg glasses, wrinkle patterns).

    Here is a site to train:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renk View Post
    Here is a site to train:
    Couldn't get a single one right through intuition alone. Time to start reading I guess...

    Edit: after reading the guide, I was able to pick the real faces with around 80% accuracy. However, the site also says current quirks may be "patched" in future algorithms, making it very hard to tell a real picture from a computer-generated one.
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