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and this shit going on and on since the start of humanity ( unless you give me explanation about this - using ADAM and Apple and EVE )
...so where is the evolution ?- urges controlled in them ?- not to become their slave of urges examples ?
actually, early humanity enjoyed the golden age (Satya Yuga), when negativities were barely noticeable and when saintly people were the norm (which means: the vast majority) - this, to an extent, parallels the biblical story about the garden of eden, especially the early, prosperous phase

so whether there is much or little purity also depends on the age or era in which one finds himself living

all saintly people of the past and of the present are examples of (spiritual) evolution - even the case of reincarnation from a lower species (animals, plants) into the human body can be viewed as evolution

this god has a lot of pacience
why not? he has all the time in the world... literally

without any science - resonable explanation - proof-
God only reveals himself to worthy, spiritually qualified believers, so first hand proof is out of the question for the majority
explanation is available in authorized scriptures belonging to main world religions (aka spiritual science)
other kinds of proof are available by observing spiritual authorities (saintly persons, spiritual teachers) and their explanations

other than that there's lesser proof, like speculation based on one's living experience and information about the world (mystery of existence or life, its functionality, complexity, beauty, variety, hints of infinity, the special status of humans and their abilities or achievements when compared to other ordinary living beings, etc.)

even the outter earth (alien) one that crossed DNA monkeys to create first humans
thats just another nonsensical theory born out of ignorance - just because apes or monkeys look similar to humans doesn't mean they were used to create humans nor that humans physically evolved from them - the same applies to the possibility of genetic experiments being done in the past

meant also a purifying one senses to be able to see between dimensions
see, you're just imagining scenarios in order to fit the 'other dimensions' idea - that is not knowledge

unless some people manage to really achive purifying senses in the highest way to be able to see him overhere - wich i have low info that somebody managed or if it trully was this dimension what he saw - because if you manage to see - how you know for sure what you see is from here - or manage to disctinct them
generally, all genuine saintly persons and spiritual teachers have advanced insight, which comes with understanding what it is they see - the higher their level, the better the insight/understanding, this goes hand in hand - it basically means God reveals to them more, according to their spiritual level

why GOD if desired for us to evolve - didn't let the memories of our past lifes in the curent one - and so on - it wasen't more appropiate this way ? unless my vivid dreams that i have at night ( wich are not pleasent mostly) are fragments from past lifes
i'd say that memories from many thousands or millions of past lives would cause such a noise, confusion or horror or even attachment (out of curiosity) that a person wouldn't be able to function normally

what continues from previous lives is one's spiritual level achieved (gained or lost), because that is what matters in the end
also, there is a continuation of karmic bondage (bound to the results of past actions), which determines where you land in the next life