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Thread: Most People don't realize what companies can predict from their data

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    Most People don't realize what companies can predict from their data

    A major of feature of Google Maps is its ability to predict how long different navigation routes will take. That's possible because the mobile phone of each person using Google Maps sends data about its location and speed back to Google's servers, where it is analyzed to generate new data about traffic conditions.

    Information like this is useful for navigation. But the exact same data that is used to predict traffic patterns can also be used to predict other kinds of information – information people might not be comfortable with revealing.

    For example, data about a mobile phone's past location and movement patterns can be used to predict where a person lives, who their employer is, where they attend religious services and the age range of their children based on where they drop them off for school. (...)

    It doesn't matter if these datasets were collected separately by different sources and don't contain your name. It's still easy to match them up according to other information about you that they contain.
    For example there are identifiers in public records databases, like your name and home address, that can be matched up with GPS location data from an app on your mobile phone. This allows a third party to link your home address with the location where you spend most of your evening and nighttime hours – presumably where you live. This means the app developer and its partners have access to your name, even if you didn't directly give it to them. (...)
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    The article in a nutshell: taking a tracking device with you and letting it log your movements is as bad of an idea as it sounds
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