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Name: MTV | MoreThanTV
Category: TV (Mainly) & Movies
Ratio System: Ratioless (There is no ban for minimum ratio on The Site)
Availability: Invite only

Channels : - Our main channel used for chatting
#announce - A channel for autodl-irssi
#help - For when you need help - If you have been disabled join this channel to request your account back

port: 6667
SSL port: 6669



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MTV is Romanian private tracker for TV and Movies. However it's mainly focusing on TV content. Ratio there does not exist in any calculations but this is based on gentlemen agreement which could be changed anytime if noticed to be not fulfilled by most members. It's gazelle based and got some good activity and content due the fact that most TV trackers went down and MTV was there for refugees. Cheating there was easy with speeds less than 5 MB/S using allowed client (ut + memory reader tested) on active files and with caution. After all, there is no need at all to cheat there. Community is helpful and responding quickly. IRC is too similar to AlphaRatio IRC's activity. Overall it's proper site, not the worst, not that bad at all. But it could be not the one you would use at all since its content are not unique or not available rarely everywhere else. There is internal team for WEB releases though and high quality torrents jump there quick enough for popular shows and for that many would use it.