So. Sometimes if you have been caught being naughty, they may ask for a screenshot of your client showing the UL and DL stats.

Well I will teach you how to edit the files to change the stats. Use this wisely.

Before we begin, this is not a tutorial on how to send fake stats, its to show fake stats on the client NOT THE TRACKER.

1) Open Deluge and find the torrent hash you want to edit.

2) Open BEncode editor and navigate to where your deluge stats save. You are looking for torrents.fastresume.

3) Find the torrent hash and double click it. It will open another window. On the left drop down where it says binary, convert this to RAW Bencoded data. This will now allow it to drop down with all values.

4) Edit all values you would like to. To edit download it is under total_downloaded. And the upload is total_uploaded. (Double click, it will open another window where you enter the values).

5) When done, do not save it. In the menu, press item ---> Export. Save this wherever as whatever name!

6) with the hash still highlighted in the bencode editor, double click again. This time choose 'binary' and 'from file' and press okay.

7) Save.

If you have any questions please ask them here.