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Thread: LAN IPv6 Leak

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    LAN IPv6 Leak

    When I use Userenity, my LAN IPv6 (more exactly my Vpn's LAN IPv6) is transmitted to trackers (tested with ipmagnet service available at ipmagnet), and, probably, to the peers too.
    Although not critical, this leak irritates me as my (Vpn) LAN IPv6 is not the business of the trackers I use nor the peers I connect to. This leak ceases if under "connection" I force proxy usage and check "disable features that leak identifying informations", but in that case I'm no more connectable (no port forwarding with proxy).

    This leak does not happen with qbittorent 3.3.4 (*) (at least, when tested with the ipmagnet service previously cited), but in that case I lost some of Userenity's interessant features..

    This leads to the following question/suggestion/request to the l337 c0d3r5 living here: Would'nt it be possible, for some future mod of some torrent client, to not only block this leak, but even to spoof the client LAN IP, in transmitting a random LAN IP address instead?

    (*) But I don't know whether this observation is really conclusive: The LAN IP leak concerns only IPv6, and my Qbittorrent seems not to handle IPv6, even in checking "listen on IPv6 adddres" in Tools->Options -> Advanced
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