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Thread: The "Don't Buy This Hardware" Thread

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    On my former workplace we used to use external drivers to transfer data to/from users when upgrading their computers.
    Since most external drives are crappy, because:
    1. they do not give you any details regarding the HDD used: don't know the manufacturer, RPM, or form factor, or other informations (AF).
    2. They are enclosed in a case that cannot be easily opened, and are voiding waranty if you open it. Due to this, they greatly increase the heat generated by HDD.
    3. They occupy a lot of space and requires more power than a normal internal HDD.

    In other words, instead of this:

    I like this:
    With a large 2.5/3.5 usb SATA adapter. I have about 40 of these, and they occupy less space than what you see in the first pic.
    And that's what I would recommend if you cannot afford nas servers.
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    For support tasks, keep one of these and a 2.5" USB adapter (just its circuit board and a cable) in your backpack, and you can't go wrong.

    Buying a regular disk and making it external is usually the best choice, but sometimes "premade" ones cost less.
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