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Thread: ELLO: Could This Be The End of Facebook?

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    ELLO: Could This Be The End of Facebook?

    Many moons ago, I discovered a wonderful social network known as It was an exciting way to meet new people and find those who had likeminded interests. It was also a great way to cruise for members of the opposite sex and flirt. As time progressed, people seemed to become annoyed with the juvenile aspects of Myspace culture and the pervasive tendency to blast through and ‘friend collect’, while worshipping internet celebs like ‘Forbidden’ and ‘Tila Tequila’. When Facebook launched, it was an exclusive network for college students. But soon it became the unstoppable juggernaut that we know today. What seemed to be the nail in Myspace’s coffin was the involvement of big corporate interest which essentially stripped Myspace of all its coolness. Forbidden and Tila became old news and we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

    Now Facebook has become a bit like Myspace. It is riddled with corporate grossness and metrics that monitor and track us NSA style. Nobody likes it, but we’ve been forced to stay because of its enormous user base. It’s hard to run a business, sell a book, a record, or a movie without a Facebook presence.

    In comes ELLO, seemingly out of the blue. I heard about it yesterday and was privileged to be one of the first in its beta stage. Since then I’ve doled out 20+ invites until it crashed due to rapid growth. Could this be the sign that ELLO is the new Facebook and Facebook is the new Myspace? Only time will tell. But for me, ELLO is a welcome competitor that, at least for now, promises to keep the monetization and advertisements out in order to supply us with a purer social media.
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