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Thread: NSA Targets Privacy Conscious for Surveillance

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    NSA Targets Privacy Conscious for Surveillance

    Jake Appelbaum et. al, are reporting on XKEYSCORE selection rules that target users -- and people who just visit the websites of -- Tor, Tails, and other sites. This isn't just metadata; this is "full take" content that's stored forever.
    (...)not only long-term users of this encryption software [ie Tor] become targets for the [US] secret service. Anyone who wants to visit the official Tor Web site simply for information is highlighted.
    The XKeyscore rules reveal that the NSA tracks all connections to a server that hosts part of an anonymous email service at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It also records details about visits to a popular internet journal for Linux operating system users called "the Linux Journal - the Original Magazine of the Linux Community", and calls it an "extremist forum".
    I'm going to bed... I feel a little nervous.

    NSA targets the privacy-conscious (Seite 1)| Das Erste - Panorama - Meldungen

    XKeyscore exposed: How NSA tracks all German Tor users as 'extremists' : worldnews

    XKeyscore exposed: How NSA tracks all German Tor users as 'extremists' : worldnews
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    Oh, how wonderful. Well, I hope they're having a swell time looking at the search terms I use to find obscure fetish porn videos on Bing. Before long, they're going to keep track of how often we take a shit. More than twice a day is a security risk, obviously.
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    Oh, we are talking about the executive summit of the world here!!!! who think that it has the right to do whatever they think is a must for their own protection !!, ooooof

    I feel a little nervous.
    Why ?! It's just NSA think it has the right to do everything they want and damn for the damn privacy which is the biggest illusion of the current century !, damn I will go to bed either

    Den den den red light here , this post has been highlighted
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    in other words: same old, same old

    nsa trying to get their hands on as much data as possible, regardless of its relevance or the way they acquire the info
    another goal being to desensitize the public regarding such behavior until it becomes a normal, standard practice
    the majority of these 'threats' are imaginary enemies invented for the purpose of widening their grip (spreading their spying/surveillance network), with some fear-mongering thrown in the mix too (like 9/11)
    notice also how none of these leaks or revelations result in any kind of serious investigation or consequences against the governmental agencies in question, which should tell you something about whats really going on here (silent approval from the system to continue this farce/game)

    other than that, its probably wise to stay away from problematic sites to minimize the chances of directly/indirectly ending up in trouble, so the majority of internet users don't really have to worry about it

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    ...@ Paramatman

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