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I've actually not tried that yet! I think they do have that. I'll try it later!
Maybe we can beat the system!

Also, apparently burner sims are hard to get in some countries and you might have to go to a neighboring one.
BRB, going to Paraguay for a shopping trip

Nah, here you can get them easily; they have to be registered to be used, but the process is a joke and easily workable with fake data. Tourists apparently have to send a picture of themselves holding passport or another ID

Anyway, if you want to cut out the phone company too, you might need to get a burner phone too. Then only turn it on far away from your home, just in case. Probably should buy the phone with cash. Preferably in a store without cameras.
USB cellular modems would work just as well and also be cheaper, though I'm not sure how easy they are to obtain if you are to fulfill all those (valid) points.