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Thread: eMule 0.50a Mephisto 3.0

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    eMule 0.50a Mephisto 3.0

    >>>>>> eMule 0.50a Mephisto 3.0 <<<<<<

    Coded by:


    Changelog / Features:

    based on eMule 0.50a ScarAngel 4.0 compiled with vs2010 SP1

    Added: Dynamic Socket Buffering [SiRoB]
    Added: Send Array Packet (may reduce upload perturbation, only used for UL, yet) [SiRoB]
    Added: Display remaining upload time (estimation!) [Stulle]

    Changed: Use minfragsize to calculate best amount to send to full slots [Stulle]
    Changed: Min buffer threshold for CreateNextBlockRequest based on slot speed [SiRoB]
    Changed: Allow buffering more than one additional block in CreateNextBlockRequest [Stulle]
    Changed: (Xtreme) Check if upload should be ended frequently called twice [Stulle]
    Changed: Increased thresholds for dropping blocking sockets [Stulle]

    Fixed: Min UL speed to prevent slot from being dropped was improperly calculated [Stulle]

    Removed: Now redundant doublesendsize feature from Xtreme [Stulle]
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    ThompsZ (25.05.20) , TommyG (02.11.19) , GeranokT (05.10.19) , BerangerT (05.08.19)

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