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Thread: eMule 0.50a Chimera 1.7

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    eMule 0.50a Chimera 1.7

    Coded by:

    >>>>>> B4n$h33 <<<<<<


    >>>>>> Sagittarius <<<<<<

    Changelog / Features:

    add Anti-XS-Exploit [Xtreme]
    add ChatLog [ZZUL BastarD]
    add CPU load limiter [netfinity]
    add Don't draw hidden Rect [MorphXT]
    add Drop stalled downloads [Xtreme/Changed B4n$h33]
    add Fake Shareaza Detection [Xtreme]
    add Fast Reask detection [Sivka/Changed B4n$h33]
    add FileFaker detection [Xtreme]
    add Gridlines [Morph4u]
    add Never Ban Chimera Mod [B4n$h33]
    add LowId Color Setting Default:R:173 G:216 B:230[B4n$h33]
    add Open Incoming from tray [Shark]
    add Open Incoming in new toolbar [eMulefuture]
    add Open Incoming in DownLoadListContrl [B4n$h33]
    add Push Files [MagicAngel/Changed B4n$h33]
    add Save CPU [eMulefuture]
    add See On Queue [X-Ray]
    add Variable compression [netfinity]
    change build settings [B4n$h33]
    change code Country block [B4n$h33]
    change dynamic block request [B4n$h33]
    fix some visual bug [B4n$h33]
    fix toolbar [B4n$h33]
    integrated in antileech-system Anti-XS-Exploit/Fake Shareaza/Fast Reask/FileFaker detection [B4n$h33]
    remove ban to Bad/Community Userhash now they are filtered [B4n$h33]
    remove ConChecker
    remove Drop Slow Client
    remove kad boost value from ini
    remove Kad Settings
    rewritten Kad Boost [B4n$h33]
    Update Links for nodes.dat,server.met & ipfilter.zip [B4n$h33]
    eMule 0_50a Chimera 1_7.rar - DivShare
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    Irgendwo (07.09.15) , ddoyel79 (12.11.12) , hallowbemyname (20.10.12) , cDDDe (19.05.12) , don (13.02.12) , surgat (06.01.12) , Spongebob (22.12.11) , mskvorc1 (18.12.11) , desodorante (01.12.11) , (02.11.11) , GoRdiE (31.10.11) , eMuLeecheR (31.10.11) , BrianBosworth (31.10.11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by palikar View Post
    Try to download preview chunks first'
    i knew that its a official future and not is to developed in chimera mod,so i think that with other mods will be same result
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    Quote Originally Posted by palikar View Post
    Using Chimera 2.0 and it's great except 'Try to download preview chunks first' isn't working and neither is setting the transfer to 'Download parts needed for preview first' so most of the video gets downloaded before the first and last chunks are finally downloaded to preview the video.
    I have had this happen with the LPE mod too, so I'd wager surgat is right on this regard.
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