As we mentioned here, here and here, TeamHades were working on the PS3’s BD Drive, they had managed to connect both fat and slim drives up to a PC and they also managed to find out how to grab the firmware of the drives, now it emerges, that the well known Xbox 360 DVD Drive circumventers TeamJungle, are helping TeamHades with their project, here is a translated quote from TeamHades blog:

As you read in the title of this entry, the TeamJungle is working in collaboration with the TeamHades in the Reader-DB Playstation3 undoubtedly good news for the community of DHorg and his followers.

c4eva is delighted to partner with our team and finally the ps3 reader fall.

For those who do not know the TeamJungle, I can only say that they are responsible for the hacks of the reader of the xbox360, as a result xbox360 users have for years been playing their backups.

Any new comment you are DHorg community
TeamJungle Helping TeamHades With PS3 BD Drive | PS3Hax Network